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A Total of 25,522 Participants Took Part in UTBK at Diponegoro University

A total of 25,522 participants took the Computer-Based Writing Examination (UTBK) for the Test-Based National Selection (SNBT) at Diponegoro University (Undip). Acceptance of students through the SNBT route is carried out through a Computer-Based Written Examination (UTBK) from the Educational Testing Management Center (BP3) on a national scale. Undip conducts the National Selection for New Student Admissions (SNPMB) for Undergraduate and Diploma IV programs through three main paths. The selection paths include National Selection Based on Achievement (SNBP), Test-Based National Selection (SNBT), and Independent Examination (UM).

“The implementation of the UTBK-SNBT is carried out in two phases, namely Phase I will be held on May  8-15, 2023. Meanwhile, Phase II will be carried out on May 22-25, 2023,” explained the Executive Coordinator UTBK UNDIP, Dr. Paramita Prananintyas, S.H., LLM.

She continued, every day the test is carried out in two sessions, in the morning and afternoon. Each session starts at 07.00 WIB and 13.00 WIB. The thousands of participants came from all cities/districts in Central Java as well as several cities from outside Central Java.

“According to the request of the central committee, Undip has prepared computers for 34,300 UTBK test participants, bearing in mind that 75.6% have registered so that the 2023 UTBK test will be held in 22 sessions (on May 25, 2023) out of the 28 sessions provided,” she added.

It was also conveyed that the number of computers used for UTBK was 1,225 computers. Regarding the location, it is divided into the Pleburan campus and the Tembalang campus. In the selection of new students, Undip does not cooperate with third parties in using this computer. All rooms are air-conditioned and accessible for disabled participants. Access to the room is also very easy considering that Undip also facilitates implementation information at Undip via

Undip also provides a comfortable place for participants to transit or wait for the test schedule. Before entering, participants are also required to go through metal detector security. This is in accordance with the security procedures established by the central committee.

“Everything related to the smooth running of the test process has been carefully prepared, including workshops for supervisors, workshops for security, as well as coordination meetings which are held regularly by the UTBK Undip Committee,” she said.

Undip also provides facilities for disabled participants. These participants were gathered at the Faculty of Law and blind participants were gathered at the Faculty of Humanities. However, this year there were no disabled participants.

The total number of new students admitted this year was 13,880 students consisting of 11,820 people for Undergraduate programs and 2,060 people for D-IV programs in National Selection Based on Achievement (SNBP) and Test-Based National Selection (SNBT).

Of the many participants who will be accepted by Undip, the number of students who will be accepted through the UTBK-SNBT path is 30%. “A total of 4,167 prospective students will be accepted, as many as 3,549 people for Undergraduate programs and 618 people for Diploma-IV programs,” she concluded.

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