WAPEALA UNDIP Community Service: Maintaining Relationships, Providing Outreach and Free Health Checks for Residents of Thekelan Sub-Village, Batur Village, Getasan District, Semarang Regency

Semarang – Central Java (17/05). WAPEALA and Thekelan Community have a close bond of brotherhood. Thekelan is a place with a strong historical meaning, where almost every year WAPEALA holds an event on the slopes of Mount Merbabu, Thekelan.

Diponegoro University Nature Lovers (WAPEALA Undip) Semarang students recently carried out a community service activity in the form of socialization about maggot cultivation, caring for endemic Merbabu trees, as well as providing free health check facilities for all Thekelan residents.

The community service activities were carried out on May 13-14, 2023. Within 2 days WAPEALA tries its best to be able to provide knowledge to as many people as possible. Educational programs were carried out on Saturday, May 13, 2023 with 2 socialization topics, including Socialization of Maggot Cultivation. This socialization is important because livestock production and plantations in Thekelan are very massive and the community needs to have a better understanding of how to cultivate and use maggot. The resource person of this event is an expert in their fields, namely Dr. Ir. Mulyono, M.Si. He is a lecturer at the Faculty of Animal and Agricultural Sciences, Diponegoro University (FPP Undip).

Secondly, Caring for Merbabu Endemic Trees is the second socialization topic initiated by WAPEALA because WAPEALA hopes that the maintenance of endemic Merbabu trees can be carried out by the community so that the environment continues to be sustainable and well maintained. This socialization presented a resource person from the Skilled Level Forest Ecosystem Controller (PEH), namely Mr. Mursid Arfianto who is part of Mount Merbabu National Park.

The agenda on Sunday, May 14, 2023 is a health check agenda for the entire community which was carried out with the help of UKM KSR Undip as an activity partner. Taking place at the residence of the Head of Thekelan Sub-Village, WAPEALA targets as many residents as possible.

Mr. Supriyono, as the Head of Thekelan Sub-Village, said that elderly residents in Thekelan rarely get health checks, considering that most of the residents’ livelihoods use physical labor and the residents’ homes are located at an altitude of 1,847 meters above sea level, so access to the health center or clinic is quite far. He really appreciates WAPEALA’s activities that care about the residents of Thekelan Sub-Village.

The activities carried out by WAPEALA Undip are a series of commemorations and celebrations for WAPEALA’s 47th anniversary. Through this moment, WAPEALA wants to collaborate with resource persons and activity partners from within and outside Undip and always try to bring Undip Semarang’s good name to various levels of society.

Author: Choerud Salsabila Rondiati (W-761 Mn)

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