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BRACTS UNDIP Team Won Bronze Medal and The Best International Invention and Innovation Award at the 2023 Japan Design, Idea & Invention Expo

The BRACTS team is a team of Indonesian delegates from Diponegoro University (Undip) who competed in the international innovation and invention competition at the 2023 Japan Design, Idea & Invention Expo (JDIE) event. The team consists of Febryan Fadhil Kresnantio, Rizki Noval Nursyafillah, Alfa Sofia Fany, Narendra Lintang Mahadewa, David Jonathan Gleneagles Siahaan, and Nindy Haya are Undip students. On this occasion, the BRACTS team brought home a bronze medal and was awarded the best international work of innovation and invention from the NRCT “National Research Council of Thailand.” The BRACTS team showed their research findings in the form of BRACTS sunblock, a natural sunblock alternative to chemical sunblock.

“Alhamdulillah, the BRACTS Undip team was able to bring a bronze medal and get the award for the best international innovation and invention work in this prestigious event so that we can make Indonesia proud in the international community,” said Febryan, Head of the BRACTS Undip team.

“This invention can be a natural sunblock solution that can provide protection and a sense of security to its users so they can carry out activities without the need to fear the effects of using fake chemical sunblocks, which can have side effects,” added Febryan.

The 2023 JDIE is an international innovation and invention exhibition competition. The WIIPA institution “World Invention Intellectual Property Associations” initiated this competition, which was held at the Ariake Garden Conference Center Japan on July 7-8, 2023. This event was attended by scientists and researchers from various backgrounds from various countries who also competed in exhibiting their works, research innovations, and discoveries from multiple scientific fields.

On that occasion, with the guidance of dr. Galih Sari Damayanti., SpDV, FINSDV., the BRACTS team exhibited research findings in the form of sunblocks from Dayak onion and butterfly pea extracts which are proven to be able to protect up to SPF 50+ in warding off the sun’s ultraviolet radiation.

This competition was also attended by several research institutes from various countries that have collaborated in the success of this event, one of which is the National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT), the Thai state institution responsible for implementing matters related to research. State institutions’ participation in this research field is, of course, participating as observers and appraisers of research works that have experience in their areas and have been trusted in matters related to research.

The achievements that have been achieved cannot be separated from the results of good teamwork and support from family, lecturers, and help from friends who have contributed to the enthusiasm of the BRACTS Undip Team in competing and fighting as much as possible. “Of course, what we have achieved will be a spirit to continue to develop BRACTS sunblock so that the work of this nation’s children can be useful and widely known to the public,” said Febryan. (Red/Ffk ed. As-Public Relations)

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