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ELTE University Hungary Lecturer Provided Public Lecture Related to Intercultural Competence at Vocational School UNDIP

Applied Bachelor (S.Tr) of Foreign Languages study program at the Diponegoro University Vocational School recently held a public lecture titled “Mastering Intercultural Competence in Global Business.” The speaker at the public lecture activity was Aron Laki from ELTE University, Hungary. Mr. Aron Laki is an academic who specializes in cultural and linguistic studies. This public lecture event was hosted by Applied Foreign Language students, Ghanim Faheema Damayanti as a reporter and Ghina Humaira Nurvan as moderator.

Participants in this public lecture were all students of the Applied Foreign Language study program class of 2021 and 2022 as a provision to increase students’ insight and understanding of global cultural diversity in a world that continues to develop. Apart from that, students are expected to understand how to respond to the breakthrough of globalization, which has quite a lot of influence on local cultural entities.

The Head of the Applied Foreign Language study program, Sriwahyu Istana Trahutami, S.S., M.Hum. opened the public lecture event. In her speech, Sriwahyu Istana said, “Through this public lecture, Applied Foreign Language students are expected to understand culture and cultural diversity and know how to deal with this diversity in line with current developments.”

In this public lecture, Mr. Aron Laki delivered material regarding culture, history, distribution of culture, cultural differences between countries, and tips for dealing with cultural diversity. He ended with a question-and-answer session. Mr. Aron’s essential point is to be bold and learn about new cultures or languages.

Apart from books, language is also a window to the world. We can get two or three times more information through diverse language skills than just understanding one language. “Surround yourself with the language you want to learn every day. “Never get tired of constantly repeating things you don’t know in the language you want to learn,” he concluded. (SDGs SV Undip)

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