UNDIP Won 12 Medals in the XIth All-Indonesian Student Swimming Championship (KRAMSI)

The XIth All-Indonesian Student Swimming Championship (KRAMSI) is a national-level swimming competition that Hasanuddin University regularly holds in Makassar. At the XIth KRAMSI event, which was held from September 29 to October 1, 2023, Undip sent eight students from the Diponegoro Aquatic Club. The eight students are Jeremy Rafael (Faculty of Psychology), Nabila Putri Giswatama (Faculty of Psychology), Vanya Maheswari (Faculty of Law), Ananda Suci (Faculty of Law), M. Windu Pratama (Faculty of Economics and Business), Raida Maylina (Faculty of Economics and Business), Lovyta Iskandar (Faculty of Humanities), and Fatya Amalia (Faculty of Engineering).

UNDIP won 12 medals from several branches; namely, the team branch won 3rd Place in the women’s 4x50m medley & free relay and 2nd Place in the 4x50m freestyle mixed relay. Then Fatya Amalia won 2nd Place (200m) Women’s Medley, 2nd Place (200m) Women’s Backstroke, and 3rd Place (50m) Women’s Backstroke. Next, Lovyta Iskandar Ning Syam achieved 2nd Place (200m) Women’s Freestyle, 2nd Place (100m) Women’s Butterfly Style, 2nd Place (100m) Women’s Freestyle. Jeremy Rafael Santoso won 1st Place in Men’s 200m Breaststroke, 1st Place (100m) Men’s Breaststroke, 2nd Place (50m) Men’s Breaststroke, and 2nd Place (4x50m) Mixed Freestyle Relay.

As one of the competition participants, Nabila Putri said that Undip, as one of the state universities in Indonesia, provides more opportunities for prospective students who have achievements in academic and non-academic fields through the Selection of Excellent Achievement Students (SBUB). Nabila is one of the XIth KRAMSI participants who entered Undip via the SBUB Sports path.

“Education is essential, but learning things outside of education is also no less important. Non-academic activities are an opportunity to gain experience and learn new things, socialize, and prepare yourself for the world of work,” she said.

“Undip always provides full support for Outstanding Students who will take part in the competition. I received material and moral support from Undip. Undip also gives awards to students who excel in their respective fields,” she concluded. (LW/Bobby – Public Relations)

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