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UNDIP Rector Inaugurates Cool Accommodation Facilities in Teluk Awur Jepara

The Rector of Diponegoro University, Prof. Dr. Suharnomo, S.E., M.Si., inaugurated accommodation facilities at Teluk Awur Campus, Jepara. The inauguration ceremony took place on Tuesday afternoon (May 14, 2024), and the Rector, the Vice Rectors, the Chair of the Academic Senate, the Secretary of the Board of Trustees, and the Deans attended it.

In his speech, Prof. Suharnomo explained that the inauguration of these accommodation facilities aligns with UNDIP’s efforts to activate the potential of Teluk Awur. “There are two aspects to revitalizing Teluk Awur. The first is maximizing its tourism potential with its beautiful beaches and views. Second, enhancing the business and fishery industry programs we’ve established,” Prof. Suharnomo explained.

Recognizing Teluk Awur’s potential, Diponegoro University continues to innovate for the welfare of its students and the surrounding community. “I believe there are many opportunities we can leverage for the benefit of students and the community. With the support of all parties, UNDIP is confident in moving forward for everyone’s happiness,” the UNDIP Rector stated.

The construction of accommodation facilities at the Teluk Awur Campus in Jepara is divided into two phases. The first phase was carried out from November 24, 2022, to June 21, 2023, involving significant renovations. The accommodation facility, previously a dormitory housing 256 students, has been transformed into hotel-like accommodations, with each room now fully equipped.

The second phase of renovations took place from October 23, 2023, to March 23, 2024, focusing on interior work, including adding furniture and completing the facilities. The Teluk Awur accommodation facility now features 46 rooms, a dining area, meeting rooms, and a white sand jogging track. The building, stretching from west to east, offers stunning sunset views.

The hope is that this accommodation facility will soon be operational, benefiting the surrounding community and, in particular, UNDIP itself. (Hng-Public Relations)

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