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Alken Ardova, Outstanding and Inspirational FSM UNDIP Student

Achieving outstanding accomplishments both nationally and internationally, Alken Ardova Abderahman, a student from the 2020 class in the Department of Mathematics at the Faculty of Science and Mathematics at UNDIP, deserves high praise. Within just two months, he has secured several championships. Notably, from May 22 to 24, 2024, Alken won first place in the Business Idea Competition organized by FIFGROUP Young Leader. The competition involved developing ideas, strategies, and business innovations to address existing business problems at FIFGROUP.

Previously, he ranked among the Top 3 Fully Funded Delegates at the Youth Leaders Exchange and Conference in Malaysia & Singapore, held by Gold Nation and PT. Konsultan Pendidikan Internasional from April 22 to 26, 2024. In this event, Alken represented Indonesia as a selected youth delegate to learn, discuss, and expand his knowledge on global issues such as education, economy, environment, and social matters over five days in Malaysia and Singapore.

Furthermore, on April 5, 2024, Alken participated in the Video Youth Competition by CSR FIFGROUP. This national creative video competition aims to educate the public on environmental issues in Indonesia.

“College is not just about GPA; it’s also about the motivation to enhance oneself in terms of knowledge, experience, relationships, and skills,” said Alken, who entered UNDIP through the SNMPTN pathway.

He believes it is a waste if students focus solely on their GPA, while many opportunities outside can help enhance the soft skills and hard skills needed for the future. “The most important value is our value as excellent students capable of competing globally,” he added.

Alken is an active student in academics, proven by his selection as an Outstanding Student in Academic and Social Fields recognized by the UNDIP Mathematics Student Association. Lecturers also trust him to be a teaching assistant, instructing approximately 300 students.

In addition to academics, he is also active in non-academic fields. “I have several experiences in non-academic areas, including involvement in at least 8 organizations, 7 professional experiences, 5 national scholarships, and several volunteer activities, competitions, and more. I frequently speak at various events, totaling 45 events,” explained Alken.

Currently, Alken has been accepted as a Management Trainee at PT Nutrifood Indonesia since October 2023. He is now focusing on completing his final project to graduate by June 2024 and thus maximize his work performance. Alken also mentioned other ventures he is working on, including building two platforms called @msib.clinic & @pakgurualken.

“UNDIP has been the right place for me to discover my potential,” said Alken. UNDIP supports its students in being active in both academic and non-academic activities by providing opportunities for continuous self-development. “I hope that in the future, UNDIP can continue to compete and strive to become the top choice among the best public universities in Indonesia,” he expressed.

Are you interested in becoming a student at the Faculty of Science and Mathematics at UNDIP? Find out more by visiting (https://fsm.undip.ac.id/). (DHW-Public Relations)

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