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Faculty of Engineering UNDIP Achieves Corruption-Free Zone Predicate

The Faculty of Engineering at Diponegoro University (UNDIP) has successfully achieved the title of Corruption-Free Zone (Wilayah Birokrasi Bersih / WBK), marking a solid commitment from its entire staff to building an Integrity Zone (Zona Integritas / ZI) towards a Clean and Serving Bureaucracy Zone (Wilayah Birokrasi Bersih dan Melayani / WBBM). This success is a tangible result of various efforts to improve quality and accountability in governance, public service, and anti-corruption measures within the faculty.

One concrete outcome of the Integrity Zone development after receiving the Corruption-Free Zone title is the increased commitment of all leaders and employees of the Faculty of Engineering in realizing WBBM. This commitment is demonstrated through the active roles of role models and change agents in the implementation of WBBM development. Changes in mindset and work culture have also occurred, evidenced by the establishment of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for main activities, the implementation of Electronic-Based Government Systems (SPBE), and the openness of public information.

In terms of accountability, the Faculty of Engineering has shown increased transparency in budget and performance management. Leaders are directly involved in planning and setting performance goals, as well as regularly monitoring performance achievements. Performance planning documents that are results-oriented, the establishment of Key Performance Indicators (IKU) that meet SMART criteria, and timely and informative performance reports are clear evidence of increased accountability.

Preventing and eradicating corruption has also been a primary focus through strengthening internal and external supervision. Steps taken include controlling gratuities, internal controls based on the UNDIP Statutes, and risk management through departmental and work unit risk management. Innovations in control environments such as budget control, financial control, research monitoring and evaluation, community service, and performance and workload control of employees are integral parts of this effort.

Improving the quality of public services has also been achieved through the simplification of licensing processes, the development of online-based applications, and the enhancement of the apparatus’s competency and professionalism. The Faculty of Engineering has developed various information systems such as SILAMA (Sistem Informasi Akademik Mahasiswa) / Student Academic Information System, SIOBE (Sistem Informasi Outcome-Based Education) / Outcome-Based Education Information System, and SIKEPO (Sistem Informasi Kepegawaian Online) / Online Personnel Information System), which have been replicated by other units/work units both within and outside the institution.

The development of the Integrity Zone at the Faculty of Engineering UNDIP has not only resulted in internal changes but also had a positive impact on other units/work units that conduct benchmarking or mentoring. The Faculty of Engineering has assisted 11 work units in developing Integrity Zone, including the Faculty of Nursing Science at the University of Sumatera Utara, which achieved the Corruption-Free Zone title in 2022.

The success of the Faculty of Engineering UNDIP in achieving the Corruption-Free Zone title is concrete evidence of the commitment and hard work of its entire staff in building a clean, transparent, and accountable bureaucracy. This achievement is expected to serve as an example and motivation for other work units in realizing the Integrity Zone towards a Clean and Serving Bureaucracy Zone. (Ut-Public Relations)



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