* Community Service Program 2018

After one month doing Community Service Program, Students Team 1 of Diponegoro University 2018 in Pemalang Regency held an expo of their works, with some local small businesses, themed “Pemalang’s Works” on Sunday (Feb 2, 2018).

In his speech, Diponegoro University’s Vice Rector of Academic and Students Affairs Prof. Dr. Ir. Muhammad Zainuri, DEA thanked to local community for welcoming his students applied Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi (Three Principles of Higher Education), that is community service especially to  communities in Kaliprau Village, Ulujami District, Pemalang Regency, Central Java Province.

Prof. Zainuri said that Community Service Program has three objectives: how to increase students’ competence, how to introduce intermediate technology, and to test the students prior to graduated and contribute to society. With some local small businesses, the students held an expo of their works themed “Pemalang’s Works”. To join in the community service program, the students are equipped with moral of COMPLETE, i.e. Communicator (able to communicate in oral and written), Professional (work in principles of developing based on achievement and code of conduct), Leader (adaptive, responsive to environment, proactive, motivator, and work as team), Entrepreneur (have strong work ethic,  entrepreneurship, innovative, independent), Thinker (critical thinking, lifelong learning, researcher), and Educator (able to be agent of changes).

The expo “Pemalang’s Works” was attended by Regent of Pemalang H. Zunaidi, SH.,MM. In his speech, the Regent welcomed the students joined in Diponegoro University’s Team 1 of Community Service Program 2018 for delivering morals and encouragements to local villagers and held an expo in partnership with some local small businesses in Pemalang Regency. Around 440 students joined in the community service and was dispatched in some districts of Pemalang Regency.

The Regent also said that the community service program is able to develop local sources and to apply knowledges for empowering local people.

In the expo, they showed some works of students’ research such as organic liquid fertilizer for increasing local welfare, improving groundwater quality, home aerobic composting. Hopefully, the students’ works can be applied and help local people and wider community.(Utami Humas)