FEB of Undip Prepared The First Indonesian Bloomberg Laboratory

For improving facilities and infrastructures of teaching and research, Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) of Diponegoro University (Undip) is building Bloomberg Laboratory working together with Bloomberg L.P., New York. This laboratory is a facility of Bloomberg terminal that has been operating in FEb for some years, and it is also a step to develop the Three Principles of Higher Education as well as an effort to be the leading school of economics and business at international level.

Approaching the installation of laboratory equipments, Bloomberg put 2 more terminals on FEB of Undip, so from now to launching the Bloomberg Lab a month later there are 3 terminals in the faculty.

In the Bloomberg terminals, user can access financial business data in real time,  time series data of foreign exchange (forex), stock exchange, other financial data, and accountancy of registered companies, various portfolio and technical analysis of market, market simulation, economics data (macroeconomics), global market and IPO (Initial Public Offerings) database.

Vice Dean of Research and Innovation of the FEB Firmansyah, Ph.D. said that the laboratory is built to support teaching and learning process and research as well as to prepare students and lecturers who have best international competencies and to achieve FEB of Undip’s missions to be the leading school of economics and business at international level.

The Bloomberg Lab is in process of providing, and it is hoped to finish the process in 1-2 months. FEB of Undip will provide 12 units of Bloomberg terminal that will be directly supported by Bloomberg, LP., New York, USA,”  Firmansyah said.

“FEB of Undip should be proud of this effort as it is the first (Bloomberg) laboratory in Indonesia, and we will prepare curriculum, training, and quick improving of user’s soft skill. Therefore, we will prepare FEB Team of Bloomberg for supporting civitas academica of FEB and Undip,” he added.

The Lab will also providing training and certification for user. Especially for students, it is hoped that the facility can help FEB of Undip graduates to have best qualified and they are able to compete at international level.*

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