Friday evening (April 27, 2018), students receiving alumni scholarships was getting together with the board of alumni scholarships. The gathering facilitated by Directorate of Diponegoro University (Undip) Alumni Communication and Connection took place at De Lasco Restaurant, Banyumanik, Semarang City. The event attended by Chairman of Alumni Scholarship Dharmawan, SE and Deputy Chairman Ir. Sandrianto E. Yudi was designed to relax so that it created friendly atmosphere between receivers and the board of alumni scholarship.

The event was also inviting Mada Ayu Habsari, an alumnus of D3 English 1997, for motivating the students. Mada is Founder and CEO PT Enertec Enviromate Solusi that has been succesfully running its business in Jakarta. Mada told how she has been painstakingly finishing her study until she became CEO. One important point is that Mada suggested the students receiving scholarship for not forgetting to share with other when they get successful.

“I feel in the same boat with you, my younger sisters, because I really knew how I felt when I wanted to study but (I was) hit by economic problems. If I help you by giving food, I give you the food today, it’s done. That’s all. But by sharing knowledges like this, I think it will be long-lasting. I hope this can be a motivation and can add your knowledges for facing the future,” said Mada, who is also one of permanent donaturs for the Undip Alumni Scholarship.

In the occasion, Drs. Mujid F. Amin as Director of Alumni Communication and  Connection, hoped that the students can take lessons and imitate the fighting spirit and hard work behaviors of their seniors. “Mbak Mada is an alumnus who can quickly learn and be adaptable to new work environment,” said Mujid F. Amin.

Even Mbak Mada was graduated from D3 English, she has experience of selling cakes during her college study. It made her trusted to work at Bank Mandiri when she was just graduated. Then, she finally established PT Enertec Enviromate Solutions which was running business of Conservation and Energy Management, the business is very different from her study.

One of Alumni Scholarship recipients, Fanny Amalina Mardhiani, student at Department of Biology, Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics, expressed her feeling of very happy. She said that so far she used funds of the scholarships for cost of boarding, and she saved the rest. She said she has not only been receiving the funds, but she also often got additional knowledges from the alumni, especially in this Alumni Sharing event.*