Diponegoro University (Undip) said its forwardness to add international-accredited study programs. It is mentioned in signing ceremony of financial aid for international accreditation between Undip and General Directorate of Institutional Science, Technology, and Higher Education of Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education on Tuesday (July 3, 2018) in Jakarta.

Director of Institutional Development of Higher Education of Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education Totok Prasetyo said that international accreditation is an important point to compete in global sphere.

“We tried to help our higher education institution to get international accreditation immediately, due to foreign institutions are coming soon. Therefore, we have to show that ours are not less than foreign universities,” he said.

Undip Rector  Prof. Yos Johan Utama said that international accreditation is a challenge as it is an Undip effort to be world class university.

“Undip welcome the challenge to be internationally accredited,  because this is Undip’s efforts to improve the quality of education in Indonesia,” Rector said.

“Some Undip’s study programs have already internationally accredited. So, it is a good chance to show up in international level. Don’t be inferior when a lot of  foreign universities open their campuses in Indonesia. We must show that Undip is able to compete in international level,” Rector said.

“Therefore, we have made policies related to those efforts. One of the policies is we require the non-public-servant lecturer to take study abroad. It is our strategy of human resource investment, as the good qualified lecturer will create global-competitive graduates,” Rector said.*




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