Diponegoro University will flesh out alumni database system by organizing a workshop of ditectory making and mapping alumni at Grand Wahid Hotel, Salatiga City on July 24-25, 2018.

Director of Communication and Alumni Connection Mujid F. Amin said that number of alumni entried in the database are 130,354 persons of all 200,035 alumni.

“Purpose of the alumni directory and mapping workshop is to complement Undip alumni database”, he said.

Vice Rector III Budi Setiyono said the alumni mapping has at least two important points.” Firstly, it is to review the learning process carried on by university: are the alumni helped or have enough knowledges from their learning process in university when they have role in community, so that we are able to make adjusments base on alumni’s feedback”, he said.

“Secondly, the alumni mapping is to observe potencies of our alumni, where did they spread, what their
job sectors, and we can make link with their job sectors. Surely, it is for learning process in our campus, in addition to we can also make further cooperations with intitutions where the alumni worked”, he said.*