Tuesday (August 14, 2018) – Diponegoro University held a Senate meeting to discuss External Quality Assurance System (EQAS) or Accreditation, i.e. an assessment to determine feasibility of study program and higher education, at Hall of Senate Academics,  Undip Campus in Tembalang. The meeting attended by members of the Senate, members of Professor Council members, deans, heads and secretaries of department, and the keynote qspeaker namely Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Imam Buchori, ST.

EQAS or Accreditation is one of subsystems of Undip MSPS  (Minimal Standard of Public Services), in addition to Internal Quality Assurance System (IQAS) and Database of Higher Educations. EQAS or Accreditation

Accreditation is carried out through an assessment of IQAS implementation by univeristy to determine accredited status and accredited rating of study programs and/or the university.

In Undip, activities of EQAS include coordination of assessment and accreditation activities carried out by national and international assessment/accreditation agencies to institutions and study programs in Bandung Institute of Technology.

Undip’s Main Strategic Program related to EQAS is as follows:

-Get international accreditation for the programs, Indicator: number of study programs accredited by international accreditation institutions.

-Target of the activities on 2015: 10 study programs.

In addition to Undip’s main strategic program, other Undip’s strategic program involving the roles and functions of MSPS is:

– Obtain national accreditation for study programs, Indicator: number of study programs of Undergraduate, Post-graduate and Doctoral programs accredited national (BAN-PT / National Agency of Accreditation ~ Higher Education). The target is 85% of study programs get A accredited by BAN PT.

To realize the program, EQAS provides information and guidance and coordination services for preparing national and international accreditation.*