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Undip Vocational School Student Got A Batch 6 (MSIB BATCH 6) The Ministry of Culture, Education, Research, and Technology Certified Merdeka Internship

A D-4 Chemical Industry Technology (TRKI) student of Undip Vocational School passed the Certified Merdeka Internship Program at PT Kaltim Methanol Industri (a subsidiary company of PT Pupuk Kalimantan Timur) with the position of Process Engineer.

The internship program provides an invaluable chance opportunity for hundreds of thousands of participants who registered from around Indonesia. A TRKI student of Undip Vocational School, Farhan Gimnastiar Maslihan, a 2021 TRKI student, passed the Kampus Merdeka certified independent internship program.

The MSIB Internship is a Kampus Merdeka program held and supervised by the Ministry of Culture, Education, Research, and Technology for one semester. It receives the MBKM credit conversion of up to 20 credits and an allowance.

This program is a study implementation for the students about the knowledge they got from college and applied in the work field. The MSIB students’ selection process was administration selection such as CV, organization and achievement documents, written test, interview, and health test.

This achievement carries the name of TRKI Undip Vocational School at a company and increases the association network in the work field. The MSIB BATCH 6 program raised the theme “Transformation Through Action, With MSIB Achieve Accomplishment.”

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