Sepakung is the name of a village in Banyubiru districts, which is rich in natural potential and agro-tourism with organic plants. Recently, Dr. Suryanti, M.Sc. assisted by Undip KKN students from the Fisheries Faculty, Engineering, Public Health, Economics and Business, Department of Nutrition carry out the Village Partner Development Program (PPDM) which is funded by Kemenristek Dikti in the village of Sepakung.

The activity is an implementation of one of the Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi, namely community service. The program implemented includes training and mentoring of organic crop planting, assistance in processing agricultural products with the help of automatic pasteurization tools for the production of diversified fruit processing and vacuum packaging that are typical souvenirs of the village.

In order to implement the program, Team Leader, Dr. Suryanti, M.Sc. supported by the team namely Dr. Suzanna Ratih Sari, MM., MA and Dr. Imam Setiono, M.Sc. and KKN students polish and develop the potential of the village into a regional superior product. Among them is by empowering local women by creating typical food of pegagan chips that are abundant in the village. Then the other culinary products namely palm sugar which is processed into grubi.

To process the ingredients of pegagan are given the help of an oil slicer so that quality of pegagan products are maintained. In the field of agriculture by utilizing abundant water sources Dr.Ir. Suryanti, M.Sc. with the team combining agriculture with fish cultivation called “Mina Padi”. The benefits obtained are being able to increase the yield of rice and fish. Besides that it also adds to the value of the beauty of the village of Sepakung as a tourism village.

Hoping that the efforts that have been done by the village community. Together with the team can continue so that the village of Sepakung becomes a famous tourist destination that can improve the welfare of the local community, “said Dr. Suryanti. (Ut-humas)

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