Two majors in Faculty of Engineering achieved an A accreditation from BAN-PT, there are bachelor degree of Chemical Engineering and bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering. After going through long processes, with the grace of Allah SWT, bachelor degree of Chemical Engineering and bachelor degree of Electrical Engineering earned a superior predicate with a total score of 379 and 370 respectively.

The gradual visit from BAN-PT was held on Tuesday (20/8) to welcome the four assessors assigned by BAN-PT. An assessor from the Sepuluh November Institute of Technology and the Sumatera Utara University, namely Prof. Dr. Ir. Soeprijanto, MSc, and Prof. Dr. Ir. Rosdanelli Hasibuan, MT., accepted the bachelor degree of Chemical Engineering at the Senate Meeting Room of the Faculty of Engineering while the two other assessors who did the study of the bachelor degree of Electrical Engineering study program were Prof. Dr. Ir. Mauridhi Hery Purnomo, MEng from the Sepuluh November Institute and Ir. Eniman Yunus Syamsuddin, MSc, Ph.D. from the Bandung Institute of Technology.

Reaccreditation is carried out by a major in a higher institution as a means of existence. The purpose of the reaccreditation by the National Higher Education Accreditation Agency (BAN-PT) is to assure that the accredited higher institutions meet the quality standards set by BAN-PT and to protect the community from the unqualified higher education.

The arrival of the assessor team was welcomed by Undip Vice Rector II Prof. Dr. Heru Susanto, ST, MT; Head of LP2MP Undip Prof. Dr. Edy Riyanto, Ph.D.; Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Prof. M Agung Wibowo, MSc, PhD; Vice Dean I of FT Undip Dr. Siswo Sumardiono, ST, MT and Deputy Dean II of FT Undip Dr. Abdul Syakur, ST, MT.

Prof. Heru, in his opening speech, said that the accreditation process was one of the absolute procedures done by the educational institution to have competencies and academic quality standard for the students, lecturers, and related stakeholders.

Prof. Edy added that Undip through LP2MP would continue to monitor and improve the quality of education at Undip and hoped that the assessors could provide experience, fresh ideas, and input in developing the major.

The Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and his staff welcomed the two assessors well. The Dean of the Faculty of Engineering delivered the presentation by describing the current situation related to the management and existing conditions of it faculty. Various data and documents were presented in the context of verification by the assessors of the accreditation documents that was sent three months earlier. Through a long series of activities on that day, finally, it produced very satisfying results. Until now, the excellent predicate for the bachelor degree of Chemical Engineering major and bachelor degree of Electrical Engineering major inscribed and became a trigger for the other majors to get the best reaccreditation result.

Prof. Agung said that to achieved an “A” accreditation was not easy because there were various essential aspects to be assessed, such as the achievement of vision-mission, goals and objectives, governance, management, and quality assurance students and alumni, human resources, curriculum, funding, infrastructure, systems information, research, cooperation, and community service. Therefore, it takes a strong commitment from various parties, both at the university level and units, at not only the leadership level but also operational employees. A quality improvement program will not succeed without the hard work from all parties.

Prof. Agung added that Faculty of Engineering Undip was pioneering for an international master’s degree program or Masters in Industrial Engineering IUP (International Undergraduate Program) next year, which is a step from Faculty of Engineering Undip to become a Faculty that take part in the global sphere.