The Technical Team for Water Licensing in the Coastal Areas and Small Islands of Central Java Province has been formed through the Decree of the Governor of Central Java Number 523.33 / 54 of 2020 dated 30 September 2020. Two members of the Undip Center for ICZM who are trusted to be experts in the technical team, namely Dr. Muhammad Helmi as a mapping expert and Dr. Aris Ismanto as an oceanography/modeling expert.
This Technical Team is formed to implement Central Java Governor Regulation Number 64 of 2019 concerning Procedures for Granting Water Location Permits and Water Management Permits in Coastal Areas and Small Islands. The duties of the technical team include providing responses and a verification process for requests for information, location permits and water management permits; providing technical considerations; and providing input regarding marine space management as material for evaluating RZWP3K (Coastal Zone and Small Islands Zoning Plans).
On Thursday, 8 October 2020, Dr. Muhammad Helmi and Dr. Aris Ismanto, as representatives of the Center for ICZM Undip, attended the meeting to discuss the work procedures, duties and work flow of the technical team. By the presence of representatives in this technical team, it is hoped that the work of the Undip Center for ICZM will widen and will be famous both within and outside the Undip environment in the field of coastal management.
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