Undip Community Service Students Initiate Disaster-Resilient Village

Amidst the increasing risk of natural disasters, creating disaster-resilient villages is the first step towards mitigation and preparation. Concerns about the potential threat of tornadoes have prompted students from Undip’s Community Service (KKN) Team I for the Academic Year 2023/2024 to take action in creating a disaster-resilient village in Wonosari Village, Karanganyar Sub-district, Pekalongan Regency.

Wonosari Village spans an area of 261 hectares and is strategically located. The high level of disaster risk indicates that Wonosari Village still needs to be entirely safe from disaster threats. Through the Community Service Program (KKN), Andra Aulia Azahra, a Naval Engineering student at Diponegoro University, installed evacuation route poles and gathering points at various locations in Wonosari Village.

This program was designed following evacuation procedures and the determination of gathering point locations. Safety measures were also considered to ensure evacuation routes are safe and usable in emergencies. Installing evacuation routes was determined by conducting field surveys to evaluate the topography and geographical conditions to determine optimal evacuation routes and strategically placed gathering points. The designated evacuation routes and gathering points are also accessible to the community and safe from potential disaster hazards, including those with mobility limitations.

After field surveys and the installation of evacuation routes and gathering points, the Undip KKN student team provided coordinates for the evacuation routes and gathering points on land use maps, which were then handed over to village officials to understand and disseminate the locations of these routes and collecting points to the residents of Wonosari Village as part of the disaster-resilient village initiative.

Through collaboration between Undip KKN students and village officials, installing evacuation routes and gathering points represents a concrete step towards enhancing disaster preparedness. “We are grateful to the Undip KKN students for implementing such a beneficial program for the village. Disaster mitigation is a village program that must also be implemented. With this KKN program, the village can be assisted in forming a disaster-resilient community,” said Mr. Adi, the Secretary of Wonosari Village.

Following the implementation of this program, it is hoped to increase awareness and preparedness when natural disasters occur. With clearly marked evacuation routes and strategically placed gathering points, the community is expected to be better prepared and able to respond effectively in the event of a natural disaster. (Andra ed. Ut-Public Relations)

Author: Andra Aulia Azahra (Naval Engineering – Faculty of Engineering)

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