SEMARANG – Information Systems Doctoral Study Program held by Diponegoro University (UNDIP) is the only one and the first study program in Indonesia. Despite that it is a new study program which has established at Undip Postgraduate School, Information Systems Doctoral Study Program is in great demand in accepting students in the 2020/2021 Academic Year.

Head of Undip Information Systems Doctoral Study Program, Prof. Dr. Suryono, S.Si., M.Si., said that Undip Information Systems Doctoral Study Program has started academic activities for first batch students who register in the odd semester of 2021 Academic Year. The plan is that in the even semester of 2020/2021 Academic Year there will be student submission again.

“In odd semester, we accept 25 students. Meanwhile, for the even semester, we will accept 15 more students since the number of admissions in this year is limited to 40 students. In details, 25 students register for odd semester and 15 students are in even semesters,” said Prof. Dr. Suryono, S.Si., M.Si., on Thursday (3/12/2020).
According to him, the interest in entering Undip Information Systems Doctoral Study Program is quite high for doctorate or undergraduate level. “When it was just opened, there were at least 47 prospective students who wanted to join. But we can only accept 25 people,” he said.
Currently, when the odd semester admission has not yet opened, many people have asked and wanted to join. Dozens of people intensely asked about the procedures, requirements and other matters related to Undip Information Systems Doctoral Study Program, while the available seats are only for 15 students. Those who are said to be interested are not including those who ask institutionally, such as those from Belitung Polytechnic who ask for study information and official meeting with the manager to explore institutional cooperation.

Based on the academic calendar, the opening of Undip Information Systems Doctoral Study Program registration for Even Semester 2020/2021 will start on December 7th 2020. Meanwhile, the entrance exam will be held on January 17th 2021, with the entrance test material including academic potential test (Tes Potensi Akademik), English, interviews, and presentation of dissertation plan. The selection results will be announced January 20th 2021, and those who are declared accepted must immediately attend lectures as of February 1st 2021.

Furthermore, Suryono revealed that most of those who take the Information Systems Doctoral Study Program are teaching staff, namely lecturers. “Of the 25 students in the Odd Semester, 24 are lecturers. Most of them are computer lecturers. There is only one student, who is not a lecturer and is not bound by a particular institution,” he said.
Being asked about the large number of students accepted, he stated that the reason is the available facilities and infrastructure made it possible. The high interest is also a consideration. Suryono said that to pursue Information Systems Doctoral Program, the student usually have to study abroad. However now it can be done in Indonesia and Undip is the pioneer.

There are two paths that can be chosen to become a doctor in information systems at Undip. The first course must be started by following 10 credits of courses. After that, it is proceed with research and publication of research in international journals.
For the second path, namely research, at the beginning of the lecture students immediately undergo a research proposal exam. In this path, there is research proposal guidance followed by a research proposal exam. New research is carried out after the research proposal has passed. The target of research publications for students is three scientific publications in international journals.