The success of a university is not only judged by the number of buildings or facilities it has. The more important aspect is its contribution in producing competent human resources who are highly competitive at the national and international levels, including producing and applying science and technology for society. The duty of Human Resources Development Agency (Badan Pengembangan Sumber Daya Manusia) of Diponegoro University is certainly not easy in developing human resources that are creative, innovative, productive and competitive.
“In general, the goal of developing human resources in tertiary institutions is expected to have qualified people or teams to achieve higher education goals, the aim is to improve the performance and growth of human resources,” said the Head of Human Resources Development Agency Undip, Mochamad Arief Budihardjo, S.T., M.Eng.Sc, Env.Eng, Ph.D in an interview, on Wednesday (31/3).
“In improving human resources of lecturers and educational staffs, Undip has provided opportunities for lecturers to continue their education at a higher level by providing Undip scholarships. Undip scholarship is extraordinary because it provides opportunities for study assignments not only domestically but also abroad with attractive scholarship components, of course the applicants should be competitive by going through the requirements, steps and the selection process. Meanwhile, for educational staffs who play an important role as driving force for service, Undip also provides scholarships for study assignments or study permits as well as competency enhancement trainings, including training on drafting regulations or decrees and Occupational Safety and Health training which are useful to develop and improve skills,” he explained.
Related to the steps or strategies taken by Human Resources Development Agency to support Undip towards a World Class University, he conveyed that there are several strategies undertaken by Undip in developing human resources. One of the strategies is implementing staff mobility or collaboration with foreign lecturers, where the focus is on producing innovative research in sufficient numbers and continuously. “Collaboration certainly involves other countries so what needs to be improved is the ability to master foreign languages, both verbal and written,” he said.
“Human resource development is a long and challenging process that requires endurance and ongoing commitment. When developing HR, the goal is not only to change the quality of human resources quickly but we must be able to make changes in HR in elegant way. For example, policies regarding the welfare of Undip staffs, we understand welfare is not only measured financially but also when carrying out our duties with sufficient skills and abilities to handle jobs,” he said.
Human resources and science and technology produced by universities will become invaluable assets in facing any changes in the global area. Human resource development cannot be separated from the effort to improve technical, theoretical, conceptual, and moral abilities according to needs through education and training.
Human Resources Development Agency Undip has an important role because its duties are to carry out competency, fit and proper tests/plan and implement education and training services in order to improve capabilities, expertise, skills, and ethics as well as formulate and implement policies in the field of human resource development in Diponegoro University, where these tasks are as progress and improvement for better human resources in Undip. (Linda-Public Relations)
Translated by: Titis (Public Relations)