Students are intellectuals of the nation who implemented Tri Dharma of Higher Education (Education, Research and Service). The existence of students is hoped to be able to answer the challenges and needs of the future. The ability to adapt is a demand in the millennial era in order to be able to follow the trends of the times. To get a good leader regeneration must go through training that covers important aspects and points of the needs of that generation. Student Management Skills Training is here as an answer to improving student managerial skills.

To create agents of change, Diponegoro University carried out Skills Training and Management of Intermediate Level Students (LKMM-TM) in 2021. The activity lasted for 3 days, from November 1st – 3rd 2021. The participants were 40 students from 11 Faculties and 1 Vocational School who have been certified by the Basic LKMM at Diponegoro University and passed the selection stages.

The purpose of holding this LKMM-TM activity is to share insight for students into the analyzed environmental conditions. Therefore they can analyze the challenges of environmental development and the need for an organization to face these challenges; be able to describe the vision, mission, and values of their work programs; have realistic targets in accordance with the conditions of “here and now”; and be able to implement the decisions that have been taken to coordinate group work in achieving the goals that have been set.

On the first day, the resource person was Prof. dr. Aris Junaidi, Ph.D (Director of Learning and Student Affairs of the Directorate General of Higher Education, Ministry of Education and Culture) who delivered material on “Student Sector Policy”. In his material, he said that LKMM is a program or activity designed to provide knowledge and organizational managerial skills for students, especially those who are active in organizing and coordinating groups in an institution. With this provision, students are expected to be an authoritative leader and have technical capabilities in accordance with the expectations of society in the future. (Lin-PR)

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