Virna Rania Isyira won the third place for Outstanding Students at the Faculty of Animal and Agricultural Sciences, Diponegoro University. The creative idea she presented is entitled “Analog Meat based on Red Beans, Seaweed Flour, and Gluten as Food Diversification Efforts for Stunting Prevention in East Nusa Tenggara”.

“This idea starts from an interest in analog meat products that can meet the protein needs of the community. Indonesian people have a low level of protein consumption because food sources of protein, especially meat, have a relatively high price. Therefore, it is necessary to diversify analog meat foods from vegetable protein sources that have relatively cheap prices but have almost the same nutritional content as meat. In addition, stunting is a problem that requires special handling because it causes toddlers to be short in stature and experiencing retardation both physically and mentally. East Nusa Tenggara Province has the highest number of stunting cases out of 34 provinces in Indonesia so that solutions of analog meat products which can be afforded by all people are expected to prevent stunting by meeting the protein intake needs of the community, especially pregnant women,” she explained.

The student of Food Technology has won 3rd place in the Opinion Writing Competition at UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya. She was also a member of the Student Executive Board from 2019 to 2020 as a young executive and Media and Information Bureau as expert staff. She also actively participated in various competitions both at national and international levels.

“The difficulties faced during college are usually the busy schedule between lectures, organizations, and competitions at the same time so that I have difficulty managing time. The amount of business certainly results in declining health due to a stressed mind and lack of rest time. I overcome this by setting an agenda of daily activity, getting to know myself better by knowing what is needed and prioritized, and making time to refresh my mind. Carrying out daily activities such as lectures, organizations, and competitions, of course there are some things that must be sacrificed such as rest time, time to hang out, energy, and thoughts. In achieving something there must be something else that must be at stake, because a life that is not at stake will never be won. The art of life is how to carry out various activities in a balanced way. Work hard, play hard, and pray harder,” explained Virna.

“The young generation needs a place to develop themselves, sharpen their minds and abilities. Not only education, but the younger generation must also develop concern for the environment that can be obtained from organizational experience,” she concluded. (Lin – Public Relations)