The Rector of Diponegoro University (Undip), Prof. Dr. Yos Johan Utama, S.H., M.Hum., along with his team, conducted Monitoring and Evaluation (Monev) at one of the locations where the Community Service Program (KKN) Team 1 Undip for the Academic Year 2023/2024 was held in the Warungpring Sub-district, Pemalang Regency on Wednesday (07/02). The purpose of this KKN Monev is to directly observe and evaluate the innovation results and work programs of KKN students that benefit the surrounding community.

Starting his speech, Undip Rector Prof. Yos expressed that the KKN activities conducted are acts of worship in the scientific field because, in KKN activities, students are required to help the surrounding community and teach students how to live in society.

“We deploy KKN students so that they can get to know how to live in the community, not just in the classroom. Give your best in accordance with Undip’s quality,” said Prof. Yos.

Prof. Yos added that this KKN activity can enhance students’ leadership experience and responsibility. “Insyaallah, with all of this, we will get a better generation of young Indonesians. In addition, I express my gratitude because our KKN students here have been well received and have been facilitated in many ways,” added Prof. Yos.

Meanwhile, the Secretary of Bappeda Pemalang Regency, Gunawan Wibisono, S.Si., M.Si., revealed that the presence of Undip students could be a bridge between universities and the community in order to develop villages and improve community welfare.

“This activity is not only to fulfill the curriculum study obligations but there is also a process of transferring knowledge and skills to the community so as to provide real benefits that the community can directly feel,” said Gunawan.

Through the KKN program, students have the opportunity to implement the knowledge and insights learned on campus and to practice and socialize them in the community. “We have conducted KKN activity monitoring, and based on the results of the monitoring, the students have carried out work programs that are beneficial to the community and synergize with the community at the KKN location,” he explained.

“I believe that the KKN program that has been carried out has a positive effect on the community, especially the community empowerment program at the KKN location. Be positive agents of change in the community, continue to learn and improve yourselves, and stay connected with the village by establishing communication and cooperation so that the KKN program can be sustainable. I express my appreciation and thanks to the lecturers and students for their positive contribution to development in Pemalang Regency,” explained Gunawan.

In line with the Secretary of Bappeda Pemalang Regency, the Warungpring Sub-district Head, Vivien Widyasari, S.STP, M.M., expressed her gratitude for the students’ contribution because, during KKN, many contributions were given by students to the villages in the Warungpring Sub-district and other areas. “I hope we can continue our cooperation on the next agenda,” said Vivien.

The Monitoring and Evaluation activity of the KKN program for Undip Students Team 1, which carries the theme “Krida Bhakti: Echoes of Diponegoro’s Creation, Realizing the Brilliant Hope of Pemalang Earth” (Gema Kreasi Diponegoro, Wujudkan Asa Gemilang Bumi Pemalang) was attended by 484 students spread across 6 Sub-districts (Watukumpul, Warungpring, Belik, Moga, and Pulosari, Randudongkal) in Pemalang Regency.

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