The Student Regiment (Menwa) is one of the civilian forces trained and prepared to defend the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia as the embodiment of the Universal People’s Defense and Security System (Sishankamrata). Menwa as a forum that plays a role in shaping the soul and character of the nation’s generation that is reliable, has a national perspective, is full of creativity and dedication.

Awareness of defending the state is more focused and universal, thus its application is more flexible in accordance with national interests and the times that are oriented towards the interests, needs of the situation and conditions of community development. The aim is the realization of Indonesian citizens who have awareness of defending the country, nation and state and love for the homeland and efforts in developing Indonesian human resources as a whole.

Registration for Yudha XLVI SAT 901/PD of Diponegoro University has been opened. For students who are interested in joining the UKM Menwa Undip, you can immediately register according to the terms and conditions.

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