In the university’s 150th commencement ceremony that is held for three days (May 2-4, 2018) at Hall of Prof. Soedarto, S.H, Tembalang, Semarang City,  Diponegoro University (Undip) gave degrees to 2.282 graduates.

The graduates are from several study programs as the follow:

From Postgraduate Program  (Doctoral, Magister and Specialist) are: 483 graduates.

From Profession Program are: 98.

From Undergraduated Program are: 1,590.

And from Diploma Program  are: 111.

All of the graduates consist of 1,020 male and 1,262 female. So, they added number of Undip’s graduates to 200,035 persons since the university was founded.

Undip Rector  Yos Johan Utama said that the graduates have owned various knowledges and skills. “But it is not enough. For competing in 1the quick-change world, they need  good integrity both in personal and social life,” Rector said.

“Undip’s alumni have to be commander of goodness, thruth, and to be commanders of innovations,”  he said.

Rector hoped the Undip’s graduates owned academics and non-academics skills which are useful to nation. And Undip is ready to promote them to higher level academics. As Legal Entity State University (Perguruan Tinggi Negeri – Badan Hukum ~ PTN-BH), Undip have to improve quality of its almuni. And program of Bidikmisi Scholarship has showed that Undip paid aytention and protected thr poor students.

Vice Rector of Academics and Students Affairs Prof. Dr. Ir. Muhammad Zainuri, DEA said that in this period there are 901 graduates (39.48% of all graduates) achieved cumlaude.

Furthermore, Prof. Zainuri said that there are foreign graduates who is commenced  in this ceremony, i.e.  Waleed Saed Omran Ali, BSc, a Libian who is graduated from Study Program of  Magister of Machine Engineering  and  Carlito Da Costa, a Timor Leste citizen, passed from Study Program of Magister of Chemical Engineering