Duration and Cost Components Bidikmisi

A. Period Provision

  1. Tuition assistance Bidikmisi given since the student being awarded Bidikmisi in college, which is eight (8) semesters for Diploma IV and S1, 6 (six) semesters for Diploma program, as well as Academy Community are given a maximum of four (4) semesters for program Diploma II, and two (2) semesters for Diploma
  2. Special program Undergraduate study specific educational needs of professions and is a unity, still provided assistance to graduate professional programs, namely:
    1. Medical Education with the addition of a maximum of 4
    2. Dentist Education with the addition of a maximum of four semesters.
    3. Nurses maximum with the addition of a maximum of 2
    4. Education Veterinarian with the addition of a maximum of 2
    5. Pharmacy with the addition of a maximum of two semesters.
  3. Help Bidikmisi for professional programs directly awarded to students who continue their studies at the college keprofesiannya
  4. For students who have not completed education in accordance with the deadline set as described in paragraph 1, College can allocate the cost of education that comes from other funds

B. Components Financing

Component or type of tuition assistance fund and its use are:

  1. Registration fee
    1. Bidikmisi Registrant waived registration fees SNMPTN, SBMPTN and self-selection on one of the PT (registrars will automatically get a free facility to pay at the registration system SBMPTN).
    2. Bidikmisi registrars that have been accepted by one of the selection is not allowed to register the selection
  2. Help the cost of providing managed colleges, maximum 400,000.00 (two million four hundred thousand rupiah) per semester per student that can be used for:
    1. Fees paid when you first get into college;
    2. Special UKT Bidikmisi / SPP / Tuition fees paid to college;
    3. Another use of appropriate work plan and budget of universities
  3. Living expenses are submitted to the students, at least Rp 600.000,00 (three million six hundred thousand rupiah) per semester with the following provisions:
    1. The college set the amount of living expenses and the cost of providing education assistance through SK Rector / Director / Chairman;
    2. Universities can make an agreement determining the amount and period of living expenses with other colleges in the district / city
    3. Universities can change the amount of assistance received student living costs by reducing the cost of providing assistance
  4. Cost Arrival
    Costs arrival or resetlement allocated as needed with the following provisions:

    1. Replacement cost of transport of students from outside the district / city for 1 (one) time from place of origin to the college according to the distance and conditions apply (Ministry Decree No. 84 / PMK.02 / 2011, Ministry Decree No. 113 / PMK.05 / 2012 for students who can not show proof of travel tickets).
    2. Temporary living expenses for students who come from out of town that is equivalent to the maximum amount of living expenses 1 (one)
    3. Cost management (selection or eligibility and verification of data Bidikmisi prospective recipients in the form of a file assessment, visitation, interviews and the like).
    4. Activities related to the new student orientation for example the introduction of campus life, activity-based mentoring support,
    5. The special thing
      1. College facilitate and to ensure that recipients Bidikmisi graduate on time with optimal achievement;
      2. The college encourages students receiving Bidikmisi to be involved in extra-curricular activities or ko and student organizations, for example the activities of reasoning, talent interests, social / community service as a form of character building and or love to the nation;
      3. Colleges make agreements or contracts with students receiving Bidikmisi which contains rights and obligations of each party including
        1. Compliance with the order of life
        2. Meet the minimum standards set college GPA
        3. Other relevant things.

C. Disbursement

  1. Bidikmisi funds awarded each semester or two times per year, the period of the semester in the month of March to August and the odd semester in the period September-February in accordance with the academic calendar;
  2. New students are given 1 (one) semester of the odd semester;
  3. Cost of arrival (resettlement) given after the determination of the recipient Bidikmisi based on need and provided through a contractual mechanism ;.
  4. The process of channeling funds through bank dealer Bidikmisi defined through selection, to:
    1. College account, as the cost of providing assistance; and
    2. Student account, as aid costs

D. Termination of Assistance

Colleges may issue specific provisions on termination of assistance. In general assistance be terminated if recipients:

  1. Leave
  2. Drop Out
  3. Non-active
  4. Suspended if not replaced things that can be arranged in specific provisions, among others:
    1. Students Bidikmisi proven to provide information that is not personal data
      right after it is received in college (a severe violation), the respective student expelled from college and was replaced with another student contemporaries and meet the requirements Bidikmisi receiver.
    2. Students Bidikmisi who resigned, then help Bidikmisinya can be substituted for the other students in my year and meet the requirements of the recipient
    3. Bidikmisi student who died, then his rights until the day that the student died given to the family / heirs, then help Bidikmisinya can be substituted for the other students in my year and meet the requirements of the recipient
    4. Students Bidikmisi who graduated less than the study period specified (students of Degree / Diploma IV who graduated less than eight (8) semesters and students of Diploma III who graduated less than six (6) semester), then help Bidikmisi concerned can be replaced to another student contemporaries and meet the requirements of the recipient
    5. Diversion or replacement recipients Bidikmisi with other students in my year and qualified nature continue. Replacement recipients specified by SK leaders of PT and reported to DG Belmawa and through http://simb3pm.dikti.go.id.

E. Violations and Sanctions

College may make provisions related to the types of violations and sanctions to the recipient Bidikmisi stated in the regulation of new student enrollment and academic guidance.