Implementing Organization Bidikmisi

Organizers Bidikmisi program is the entire state universities and private universities selected under the Ministry of Research Technology and Higher Education.

A. Center Management

  1. Steering
    1. Minister of Research Technology and Higher Education (Chairman);
    2. Minister of Basic Education, Secondary, and Culture
  2. Responsible Program
    1. Director General of Education and Student Affairs, the Ministry of Research Technology and Higher Education (Coordinator);
    2. Secretary of Directorate General Education and Student Affairs;
  3. Executive team
    1. Director of Student Affairs Directorate General Education and Student Affairs;
    2. Leaders of public universities;
    3. Coordinator Kopertis Region I-XIV;
    4. Team Information and Communication Technology;
    5. Directorate of Student Affairs Unit;
  4. Duties and Responsibility Center Management Team
    1. Drafting the program and or Implementation Guidelines;
    2. Plan and conduct outreach;
    3. Developing and managing information services and on-line registration;
    4. Develop Technical Guidelines for the Management of Academic and Finance;
    5. Bidikmisi set quotas for new students;
    6. The channeling of aid Bidikmisi;
    7. Prepare and train our Executive Team / ICT PT;
    8. Plan and implement monitoring and evaluation;
    9. Providing service complaints;
    10. Monitor the development of the settlement of the complaint handling;
    11. Prepare reports

B. Business College / Kopertis

  1. Person in charge
    1. Bidikmisi organizers university leaders;
    2. Coordinator Kopertis Region I –
  2. Implementer
    1. Chief of Bureau / Institute / Director of Academic and Student Affairs or appointed;
    2. Executive Secretary Kopertis Region I – XIV
    3. The head of the academic and student affairs or appointed;
    4. Responsible team appointed by the college;
    5. Team Information and Communication Technology;
    6. Satker State Universities and
  3. Duties and responsibilities
  • College
    1. Socialization program mainly to SMA / SMK / MA / MAK on its territory;
    2. Documenting prospective and current students Bidikmisi receiver;
    3. Establish Bidikmisi candidates through the system Bidikmisi
    4. Assigning recipients Bidikmisi by decree university leaders;
    5. Establish and report the change / replacement Bidikmisi receiver later than the end of the semester;
    6. Report data and information on the academic achievement of students receiving Bidikmisi through an online system;
    7. Internal monitoring and evaluation;
    8. Serving complaints stakeholders;
    9. Prepare reports on implementation
  • Kopertis:
    1. Distributing Bidikmisi quota for new students at private colleges in the region;
    2. To disseminate to the college in its territory;
    3. To verify prospective students receiving Bidikmisi PTS in its territory;
    4. Establish by Decree Bidikmisi receiver;
    5. Channeling funds to students who are entitled resettlement;
    6. Monitoring and Evaluation;
    7. Recommend replacement Bidikmisi receiver;
    8. GPA helps PTS reported through an online system;
    9. Preparation of reports on implementation Bidikmisi and resettlement funds.