Monitoring and Evaluation

Forms of monitoring and supervision activities are monitoring, coaching and problem resolution on the implementation of the program Bidikmisi. The general objective of this activity is to ensure that the selection, development and distribution of funds have done well and fulfills the principled program at 3-T (Target, Right Number, and Timely) with the following definitions.

  1. Right on target; if the student is designated as beneficiaries Bidikmisi compliance criteria and funds have been used and distributed to recipients in accordance with the provisions stipulated in the guidelines.
  2. Exact amount; if the amount of aid and the number of students receiving aid in accordance with the quotas or agreements that have been Where the number of students receiving less aid or exceeds a predetermined, then the college must report to the Directorate General Belmawa.
  3. On time; if the phases of the selection process and study schedule, Bidikmisi funds received and living expenses disbursed to recipients in accordance with the time stipulated in the distribution mechanism

The main components that are monitored include:

  1. The allocation and disbursement of funds
  2. Distribution and or use of funds
  3. Services and or coaching students
  4. Financial administration
  5. Reporting

A. Monitoring by Center Management Team

Team Center Manager must draw up a report related to the planning and implementation of programs, the extent to which the implementation of the program is running according to plan, what has been done, the obstacles that happens and why it happens, as well as efforts to overcome these barriers, as well as recommendations for improvement program in the future.

Things that should be in the report is

  1. Statistics
    Statistics Recipient lists of students receiving aid each college. Center Team beneficiaries compile statistics based on data received from the Management Team PT
  2. Use of funds
    Filled with huge funds channeled each PT for each program of study, as well as how that has been absorbed. Centre team compiled the report based on information obtained from Tim PT.
  3. Results Monitoring and Evaluation
    The monitoring report is a report on the implementation of the monitoring activities by the Central Team. This report contains a number of respondents, execution time, the results of monitoring, analysis, conclusions, suggestions, and recommendations.

B. Monitoring by the College Management Team

Team PT to report the results of monitoring all activities related to planning and implementation of the program:

  1. The extent to which the implementation of the program running as planned, what has and has not worked;
  2. Barriers what happens and why it happens;
  3. What measures are needed to overcome these obstacles;
  4. Recommendations for improvement programs in the future, both the same program or other programs