The Ministry of ATR / BPN is collaborating with Diponegoro University in organizing the “BPN Goes to Campus” event with a seminar concept at the Post-Graduate Building of Diponegoro University, Semarang Tuesday (30/07) morning. There were present the attended by approximately 200 participants consisting of Undip Students and PPAT Notary Semarang. The speakers for this event consists of Herman Khaeron (Head of the Regional House of Representatives Committee of the Republic of Indonesia), Hermawan Arief S (Secretary General of the Ministry of ATR / BPN), Prof. Dr. Yos Johan Utama, S.H, M.Hum (Undip Rector), and Andi Tenrisau (Head of Law and Public Relations Bureau of the Ministry of ATR / BPN).

Diponegoro University is the first campus chosen by the ATR / BPN Ministry to hold the event.

The Undip Rector Prof. Yos Johan Utama stated that Undip is currently placed in third rank as the best campus in Indonesia with the first rank as the best Faculty of Law in Indonesia.

On this occasion the Undip Rector delivered the theme of the urgency of implementing land registration in Indonesia, Prof.Yos emphasized that Indonesian is “Not for Sale”, each centimeter of its land must be maintained, and that is why it needs to be registered. He also stated the final key for land registration to be succeed are (simple, safe, affordable, up-to-date and open).

“Each land must be maintained no matter what it takes, which is why it needs to be certified, because with that we will get justice, certainty, benefit, and love” he said.

The head of the House of Representatives Committee for Land Affairs, Herman Khaeron, said that the DPR and the Government have agreed to establish a land bank institution to obtain, manage and provide land for state needs. Meanwhile, the Head of Law and Public Relations Bureau of the ATR / BPN Ministry Andi Tenrisau delivered a theme of Legal System Implementation and National Land. (ADE IRMA / RK / HUMAS)

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