Nanik Kartikasari, ST, the Laboratory Assistance from the Undip Vocational School have managed to become the winner in the recent Undip educational staff selection event. Her innovation entitled “Utilization of Used Waste Oil and Banana Skins from the Practicum of Frying Fruit Chips into the Main Practical Material for Making Soap”

Nanik explained that practical activities have an important role in D3 Chemical Engineering and Applied Bachelor Study Program in Industrial Chemical Engineering Technology due to practicum activity is given more percentage than lecture. The aim for this is to produce graduates who are skilled, professional, entrepreneurial and ready to work according to the needs in the industrial world. Every activity in the laboratory will produce a product / analysis result and practicum waste / activity that can pollute the environment. This is my background to come up with the idea of utilizing practicum waste as the main material for another lab work so that this waste can be useful and worth more.

She also added that practicum waste has always been a problem so far. The Hazardous and Toxic Waste (B3) waste needs to be managed in accordance with predetermined requirements in order to not to endanger the environment. Whereas the non-B3 waste can be recycle so that the waste does not pollute the environment and has more use for other activities. The waste that she utilized in this creative work was waste cooking oil and banana peel from the results practicum of frying fruit chips using a vacuum frying in the laboratory of Food Processing Process to become the main ingredient in the practice of making soap in the Laboratory of Appropriate Technology.

She hopes that the implementation of this work can reduce practicum waste and recycle it to become more useful material for other practicums and not polluting the environment. Waste such as cooking oil and banana peels which are usually wasted into the environment can be used for the main ingredients of soap making practice so that it can reduce environmental pollution.

The Dean of Undip Vocational School Prof. Budiyono gave an award and appreciation for the achievements obtained by Nanik Kartikasari in hope that it can inspire all the colleagues of the educational staff in the Vocational School to keep excelling and he also hope that in the future Nanik can also reach the national level.