Diponegoro University have inaugurated three new professors, namely Prof. Tarmizi Achmad from the Faculty of Economics and Business, Prof. Isroli from the Faculty of Animal Husbandry and Agriculture and Prof. Anis Chariri from the Faculty of Economics and Business on Thursday (22/8) at the Prof. Soedarto SH Building, Undip Tembalang.

On this occasion, there was present the Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education, Prof. H. Mohamad Nasir, Ph.D., Ak. He said that with the inauguration of these three new professors, the academic ranks of Undip will become stronger and the aspirations to make Undip as a World Class University will be realized more quickly. “I support the Undip program in accelerating professors to improve Undip’s performance and hopefully Undip will be able to provide accurate and efficient solutions in the prevention and eradication of fraud in Indonesia and even in the scale of global. I hope in the future Undip will be able to provide solutions by utilizing data analytics to produce inventions and innovation on more effective and transparent risk management. ” he stressed.

Meanwhile, the Undip Rector, Prof. Yos Johan Utama, SH, M.Hum. in his speech said that being a professor is the highest academic position in the world of education, but the real goal of being professor is the ability to continue to produce good innovations for the sustainability of humanity. “As a scientist, Prof. Tarmizi and Prof. Anis has tried to invent various innovations by creating good corporate governance to prevent fraud and eradicate it, while Prof. Isroli have put forward an efforts to increase broiler meat production as an effort to meet food needs and of course it also counts as a noble effort due to the fact that it will help humanity to preserve better foods” he explained.

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