To improve the professionalism of lecturers, Undip Vocational School held a training on textbook writing for lecturers, which was attended by 30 lecturers in the Undip Vocational School environment, Friday-Saturday (13-14 / 9) at the Grand Wahid Hotel, Salatiga.

During the training, there were present as a speaker namely the Head of LP2MP Undip Prof.Ir. Edy Rianto, MSc., PhD., Dr.Ir. Subandiyono, M.App.Sc., Dr. Bambang Cahyono and Dr. Aris Triwiyatno, ST., MT.

The material given by the speakers for this textbook writing training is related to the Basic Concept / Essence of Teaching Materials. The need for lecturers to develop teaching materials, objectives and benefits of the Preparation of Teaching Materials, types of Teaching Materials, Structure and Format of textbooks, Methods of Preparation of textbooks, Content Development of Teaching Materials Textbook, Content Development of the Textbook, and Introduction to Textbook Design and Layout.

The Dean of the Undip Vocational School Prof. Budiyono in his remarks said that this textbook training was certainly a means to encourage and to provide full facilities to lecturers who wanted to contribute to the world of literacy and it was hoped that they could help in aspiring writers to immediately publish their books.

“This textbook will have an ISBN and be registered so that it will increase the number of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) for Vocational Schools”

Prof. Budiyono also added that by participating in this activity, it was hoped that lecturers at the Undip Vocational School could contribute to the world of higher education by publishing textbooks and reference books.

The event that took place at the Grand Wahid Hotel was very interactive. Participants felt the need to participate in the training and to gather information on tricks and writing tips as well as publishing textbooks.