In the effort of handling the spike in cases of the Covid-19 pandemic, preventive action needs to be taken by various parties. One of the efforts made by Diponegoro University together with the Semarang City Government in handling Covid-19 is the signing of a joint commitment between Undip and the Semarang City Government. This commitment is related to research support and technology development in the context of handling the Covid-19 pandemic in Semarang City, which is expected to help reduce the rate of increase in cases due to Covid-19. The signing ceremony for this joint commitment was held on Wednesday (16/09/20) at the Loka Krida Room, Semarang City, Moch Ichsan Building Lt. VIII which was attended by the Mayor and Vice Mayor of Semarang, the Undip Rector, and other officials.

As a research university, Undip continues to cooperate with the Semarang City Government to develop Semarang City. With the results of research that support, especially for the problems faced at this time, Undip with its innovation also supports the Semarang City Government to handle the Covid-19 pandemic, especially in the city of Semarang, said Prof. Yos Johan Utama, S.H., M.Hum. as Undip Rector. With the innovations invented by Undip, he hopes that the research results from Undip can become leading technology for technological developments in the city of Semarang.

The Mayor of Semarang, H. Hendrar Prihadi, S.E., M.M., expressed his gratitude for Undip’s role in helping to handle Covid-19. According to him, research is the most important part of nation building and a key to solving problems. With the signing of this joint commitment, it is hoped that it can strengthen cooperation between Undip and the Semarang City Government. As a token of appreciation, Semarang City Government has also provided Undip Laboratory to develop useful research for the benefit of the community. Undip is located in the city of Semarang and currently has become a very outstanding university. And we are all learning to deal with Covid, so our effort is to cooperate in developing inventions made by Undip to break the Covid-19 chain. With this robotic method, many things can be done in public without having to meet. For example, in hospitals and at public service posts, we do not have to meet other people, but the service can continue, said Mayor Hendrar Prihadi.

In addition to medical robots that will be used in hospitals and graduation robots used in public service posts, another innovation from Undip that was introduced at this event is Zeta Green. Zeta Green is an air purifier that uses plasma technology so it can purify dirty air and nullifies viruses and bacteria. In the future, in line with the growing city of Semarang as a smart city, Undip will continue to innovate by utilizing the assistance of the Semarang City Government by using research and technology development laboratories, especially in an effort to accelerate the handling of Covid-19.