Webinar terkait SDGs Fakultas Psikologi Undip

If getting strength in difficult times is as easy as we say, why can’t everyone do it? We are in a situation that is not easy. In situations that upset everyone, our role is added to the increasingly abundant demands. How can you stay healthy in a situation like this? Can we get back up and jump higher (resilient)? Then, how can we become more resilient individuals? Then this answer will be explained in the national webinar activity SDGs series 1 presented by Faculty of Psychology of Diponegoro University.

The theme of resilience is chosen because life is not only filled with pleasant moments, but also obstacles and problems. In order for us to deal with life’s problems well, resilience is very important to have. Resilience doesn’t just refer to how well you can manage stress and pressure effectively. Resilience is also about how well you can bounce back from these problems.

Based on this background, the Faculty of Psychology Undip is proudly carrying out the first series of national SDGs webinars with Diaspora with the theme “Building Resilience in Everyday Life”, on Thursday, July 23, 2020. The official opening of the SDGs Series 1 webinar is delivered by Dian Ratna Sawitri, S.Psi, M.Si, Ph.D, as Dean of the Faculty of Psychology, Diponegoro University. She says that this webinar is a series, and the webinar which is held on July 23 is the first in a series. This first series of SDGs webinars focuses on the theme of resilience including SDGs number 3, namely Health and Well Being. The moderator for this event is Dr. phil Dian Veronika Sakti Kaloeti, S.Psi., M.Psi, a psychologist (Deputy Dean I of Academic and Student Affairs, Faculty of Psychology, Undip) and as a master of ceremony during the event is Salma S.Psi, M.Psi, a psychologist.

Diaspora as the resource person for the first session of the SDGS series 1 national webinar is Ajeng Puspitasari, LP, PhD, who is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science. The topic presented in the first session is “How to be resilient in every changing situation”. The material presented is about the explanation of resilience and the characteristics of a resilient person, and ways to maintain resilience in various life settings.

Besides from Diaspora, in the second session, the SDGs Webinar also presented Prof. Dr. Seger Handoyo, M.Psi, who is the General Chairperson of HIMPSI and also a lecturer at the Faculty of Psychology, Airlangga University. The point delivered is about “How to stay mentally healthy during uncertain situations”. The material presented is about an explanation of the resilience in relation to the condition of the organization / company and how to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic situation.

The number of participants who attended the SDGs Series 1 national webinar including Academic Community of Diponegoro University, and also from the general public such as academics, practitioners, undergraduate students, postgraduate students from various universities in Indonesia, and the community are 356 people.

This national SDGs series 1 webinar can also be viewed online on YouTube, with the link address https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCB8l_oLeds. The closing of the SDGs series 1 national webinar event is conducted by Dian Ratna Sawitri, S.Psi, M.Si, Ph.D, as the Dean of the Faculty of Psychology, Diponegoro University. Before the event is closed, participants are asked to take a group photo online. Below is a photo documentation from the first series of national SDGs webinars.

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