CBIOM3S Promotes Undip at 2020 Inovasi Indonesia Expo (I2E)

Center For Biomechanics, Biomaterials, Biomechantronics and Biosignal Processing (CBIOM3S), Diponegoro University won 2nd place in Indonesian Innovation Award (Penghargaan Anugerah Inovasi Indonesia) in the category of Innovative Higher Education (Perguruan Tinggi Inovatif). The award show was held in Soemitro Djojohadikoesoemo Auditorium, BJ Habibie Building, 3rd floor of Central Jakarta on Tuesday (10/11).

Diponegoro University (UNDIP) as a research university which is on its way to become a World Class University, has a health technology research center, namely the Center for Biomechanics, Biomaterials, Biomechantronics and Biosignal processing (CBIOM3S). In the last 4 years, CBIOM3S has developed health technology products, of which several products have been made: bionic hands, mechanical hands, club foot therapy devices for babies, braces for patients with ostheo-arthritis of the knee joints, artificial feet, Parkinson’s disease diagnostic tools, exoglove for stroke patients, etc.

Different from previous years, award performance of this year is a Virtual Exhibition held on November 10th – 13th 2020 followed by a static exhibition starting on November 14th – December 10th 2020. I2E on 2020 carries the theme ‘Indonesian Innovation as a Solution’ (Inovasi Indonesia sebagai Solusi), as closing of Quarter of Century Commemoration of National Technology Resurrection. The Minister of Research and Technology / Head of National Agency for Research and Innovation explained that this exhibition itself is a sign of a closer integration of the R&D community in Indonesia.

“This is reflected in the integration of various activities from various Indonesian research and innovation actors in this expo, including the 2020 Artificial Intelligence Summit; Nuclear EXPO 2020; Indonesian Science EXPO 2020, “explained the Minister of Research and Technology / Head of National Agency for Research and Innovation.

Apart from presenting various results of R&D sector, the expo is also enlivened with seminars, discussions, virtual workshops on various research and application topics, meet and greet with Indonesian researchers and innovators, visits through virtual tours to the latest laboratory and research facilities, virtual clinics/consultations, creativity competitions, community innovations, etc. The Inovasi Indonesia Expo (I2E) 2020, previously known as RITECH EXPO, is an annual exhibition that displays various research results and innovations created by the nation’s children.

President Joko Widodo welcomed and expressed his appreciation of I2E 2020. I2E is an example of a conducive ecosystem for research and is proven by  the various type of innovative works by nation’s children, especially when facing the Covid-19 pandemic, innovations have emerged in various fields, such as development of Red and White Vaccine and virus detection via Gnose exhalation. These innovation become important parts of the nation’s independence and excellence.



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