SEMARANG – Diponegoro University (UNDIP) Semarang, on Sunday (23/11/2020) holds a Quran sermon, recitation, istighotsah and prayers for safety of nation as a series of events commemorating Undip 63rd Anniversary. The event is held online and attended by K.H. Yahya Al Mutamakkin, Khodimul Mahad Madinah Munawwarah; Undip Rector, Prof. Dr. Yos Johan Utama, S.H., M.Hum; Al-Quran fluent readers consist of students and community; lecturers; Vice Rectors; and UNDIP academic community.

The event is opened by the Vice Leader of Undip’s 63rd Anniversary, Dr. Budiyono who is the Dean of Faculty of Public Health Undip. He said this event is closing event of the series of Undip 63rd Anniversary. “Hopefully istighotsah and prayer can provide us safety and blessings of Allah, and be beneficial for the academic community and Indonesian nation”, he said.

On the same occasion, UNDIP Rector, Prof. Dr. Yos Johan Utama, S.H., M.Hum., said that the choice of the title istighotsah for safety of nation is expected to be a prayer for safety of all people. “Let us express gratitude for the protection and blessings of Allah SWT. In the midst of Covid-19 pandemic, we cannot remain silent. We have an obligation to save the nation and state of Indonesia. Our effort can be in physical and non-physical forms”, said Prof. Yos Johan.

He stated that the form of non-physical activity such as istighotsah could protect Indonesian nation from various things, including from national division. We see that from other countries, such as Middle East which was safe back then, now it is undermined by a number of things includes from religion sector. “We must be able and clever to choose and sort out our action in the current situation”, he said.

According to Undip Rector, holding an  istighotsah event is aimed at safety of nation and state. “We pray so that Allah will support us in protecting this nation in form of small and big actions. Hopefully that we will be prevented from Covid-19.”

The Rector is concerned about political dynamics that are detrimental to our nation. “We must be able to sort out the good and the right things. Especially for UNDIP, istighotsah is carried out so that UNDIP always be blessed by Allah, and be given easiness in carrying out activities”, he explained.

Meanwhile, K.H. Yahya Al Mutamakkin described about the journey of Prince Diponegoro who also studied religion with a number of teachers. “So it is important for students or lecturers, even though they are busy, they still have to study religion to guide our behavior. This is important, since when people tend to love the world, it is the beginning of mistakes. If the tendency is things on world, then it remains only to wait for the world’s mistakes. The community will quarrel with each other and can even kill because they want to own of the world”, said Kyai Haji Yahya.

He added that everything in the world is only for a moment and temporary. It is useless to justify any actions to own material things in the world. In fact, we do not realize when the angel of death will pick us up. Therefore, he reminded all of us to always be careful.

The lecturers, students, and scientists must realize that praying is essential for the provision of afterlife. God is glad seeing pure and clean souls, He does not accept unclean deeds. Therefore, do not work only for popularity and position. “Make work solely as devotion, purely for Allah SWT”, he said.