Entrepreneurship is a valuable skill that’s critical to society. It enables people to earn a livelihood and realize their dreams. As part of Community Service (Kuliah Kerja Nyata or KKN), Aldrick Brianto Putra, a student of Management at Diponegoro University, organized an entrepreneurship training program that involved creating handicrafts. The goal of this initiative was to help housewives in Wonosari Village, Karanganyar District, and Pekalongan Regency spend their leisure time more productively while also nurturing their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.

The program took place on Tuesday (16/01) at the Wonosari Village Hall and was attended by housewives from Wonosari Village. This program is a tangible form of instilling an entrepreneurial spirit in the community. The program received support from the Wonosari Village Government, recognizing the benefits it brings to improving the welfare of the community.

During the event, KKN students taught the participants about the benefits of entrepreneurship and how to create handicrafts using the provided facilities. Subsequently, KKN students provided the participants with the opportunity to develop handicrafts according to their creativity while still providing guidance.

The participating women were very enthusiastic and enjoyed the process of making handicrafts. The participants also asked for assistance from KKN students to help them. The women expressed their creativity by making bracelets, necklaces, hangers, and rings that they could use or sell to earn income. Through this activity, it is hoped that the mothers in Wonosari Village can engage in productive activities, including entrepreneurship, to increase their family income.

Author: Aldrick Briato Putra (Management – Faculty of Economics and Business)

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