Undip, Semarang – (15/3/2021) The pandemic phase does not prevent the existence of love towards art by the people of Jurang Blimbing Arts and Culture Village, Semarang City, Central Java. The reason is, in this modern era, in doing art there need more effort in order to remain to be loved and maintain a sense of ownership of art itself. Therefore, in the context of community service, Undip Thematic Student Study Services Team I held musical performances of karawitan and kuda lumping.

This performance is in collaboration with the Turangga Tunggak Semi Kuda Lumping Association and Budhi Laras Karawitan Association. These art performance activities received positive support from Rector of Diponegoro University and the Governor of Central Java.

The event took place smoothly on March 12th 2021, with the opening and karawitan performance starting at 7:30 PM which was continued to the next day on March 13th 2021 with a kuda lumping performance.

The community is active in participating to the event and giving positive responses regarding these performance activities. The performer are not only the senior players but also members of Youth Association (Ikatan Kawula Muda) and children performers.

With this activity, it is hoped that it can continue to preserve and create a sense of love for culture, especially in karawitan and kuda lumping cultures.

Central Java Governor, Ganjar Pranowo, S.H., MIP welcomed the performance event. Ganjar said that in the current pandemic era, it is intellectuals/academics who have to stand at the forefront of the deadlock. “Intellectual property and broad knowledge must be held accountable to society so that it will be useful in life. Intellectual and artistic collaboration can be a viable alternative,” said Ganjar Pranowo.

Undip Rector, Prof. Yos Johan Utama, in his online remarks expressed his gratitude and proud feeling to the students participated in Thematic Student Study Services this time, since the students as the next generation of nation have empowered the original potentials and strengths of this nation, namely cultural arts.

Furthermore, Prof. Yos also said that the arts, especially kuda lumping, were the roots of Indonesian culture that needed to be preserved. “People will rise and develop, because they have spirit of culture by never giving up, and that is the strength of culture that unites the nation,” said Undip Rector.

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