Undip Rector Appreciates Community Service Students Contributing to Community Engagement

Semarang, Central Java (26/1)- Diponegoro University held a welcoming ceremony for 2,658 KKN students of Team I Undip who have completed the Community Service Program (KKN) at the Prof. Sudarto, S.H. Building, Undip Tembalang campus on Tuesday (20/2).

In his speech, the Rector of Diponegoro University, Prof. Dr. Yos Johan Utama, S.H., M.Hum, conveyed that the existence of Diponegoro University provides an educational institution that leads to gaining a lot of experience. Although the KKN experience for this period is limited to one month, it is mobilizing and contributing to society.

The benefits of the KKN program also help in understanding how to collaborate with people with different knowledge and cultures. Collaboration is essential and becomes a provision for life in a heterogeneous society. “With experience around the village, it can shape how to become a good leader. By the grace of Allah, with knowledge as a provision in that community, later, after becoming an alumnus of Undip, whose number is more than a quarter of a million people, the graduates become successful individuals, officials, or leaders with high integrity,” the Rector advised. “Welcome back to campus. Be grateful for Allah’s blessings that you are currently in the special seat of the Indonesian nation, namely studying at a world-class university,” said Prof. Yos.

The KKN program lasted for 35 days, from January 4th to February 10th, 2024, carried out by Undip students spread across 33 districts in 8 regencies in Central Java, located in Pemalang, Pekalongan, Temanggung, Magelang, Boyolali, Klaten, Sukoharjo, and Sragen. The KKN for this period was carried out amid the democratic party, namely the presidential and legislative elections campaign period. Therefore, from February 11th to 19th, 2024, the KKN Team I Undip activities continued in the Diponegoro University campus environment.

According to the report from the Head of the Community Service Center (P2KKN) Kurniawan Teguh Martono, S.T., M.T., the work program or activities carried out by KKN students include multidisciplinary, scientific, and social community programs. The multidisciplinary program implemented includes creating master plans or blueprints for village development and empowerment, knowledge transfer for village officials in digital population information services, community empowerment through existing potentials at the KKN location, empowerment of disabled groups, plastic waste management, and appropriate technology. In the scientific field, there are various activities according to the scientific fields of each student, and social community programs such as religious studies and teaching children in the village.

KKN Team I received insurance from BPJS Health and Manpower as a form of protection for each student. The insurance provided includes health insurance (examinations by general practitioners and specialists) and work accident insurance,” he concluded. (DHW-Public Relations)

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