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Nabila, an Outstanding Graduate of the Faculty of Economics and Business Undip, is a Young Entrepreneur

Nabila Fadiya Amany, one of the outstanding graduates of the Management Study Program, Faculty of Economics and Business, Diponegoro University (FEB Undip), officially graduated with a GPA of 3.77. She also became a young entrepreneur. When she was a student of the Faculty of Economics and Business Undip, Nabila not only focused on studying but also started a coffee shop business, which developed her into a young entrepreneur.

Apart from that, Nabila also actively participates in various campus organizations and takes part in work internships and workshops in accordance with her study program, namely Management. Even though it is not easy, she is able to divide her time well in academics, business and other activities for self-development.

Apart from the experience mentioned, Nabila is also one of the outstanding students with achievements, namely 1st Runner up Place Winner of Chemistry Olympics (2019); 3rd Place Winner of Economic Young Entrepreneur (2021); and ⁠Barista Specialty Coffee Association Premier Campus (2020). Nabila is the owner of a coffee business called “Sekofie Slow Bar,” which she started in April 2021.

Through efficient time management and persistence in carrying out these various activities, as well as hard struggle and an unyielding spirit, Nabila finally succeeded in completing my studies on time. This success is not only as a graduate who has an academic degree but also as a young entrepreneur who has built the foundation of his business since college.

According to Nabila, Undip has provided a supportive academic environment and provided opportunities to learn from extraordinary and experienced lecturers. This intensive interaction with lecturers and fellow students helped Nabila to develop a deep understanding of her field of study.

“Overall, the experience at Diponegoro University has provided a strong foundation for my personal and professional development. I feel fortunate to be able to study in a dynamic and supportive academic environment,” said the outstanding student of FEB Undip.

Nabila also conveyed her message to the younger generation that education and organizations have a significant role in shaping the future of the younger generation. Education is not only about acquiring knowledge but is also related to developing skills, opening insights, and forming early character.

“My message to the younger generation is to open the gates of thinking horizons to the future. Remember that youth is a valuable time to develop potential and form identity. Focusing on education and involvement in these experiences and organizations will form a strong foundation for achieving dreams and creating positive changes in life and the surrounding community. Beauty is not about having a pretty face; it’s about having a pretty mind. Happy learning and working for the nation and state!” concluded Nabila.

To facilitate students who are interested in learning to be involved in business, the Faculty of Economics and Business Undip established the Undip Entrepreneurship Clinic Business Incubator and Business Incubator (KKIB). Please visit the page: kkib.undip.ac.id or contact kkib@live.undip.ac.id (Sudanta/Humas)

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