Diponegoro University is still included in the list of favorite public universities for National Entrance Selection for State Universities (SNMPTN) 2021. The interest of applicants is still very high. There are 26,408 applicants for SNMPTN path, with the number of 2,106 applicants being accepted. Of the various study programs available at Undip, Psychology Undergraduate Study Program at Faculty of Psychology is the most favorite study program at this year’s SNMPTN with 1,750 applicants. Many factors make psychology as a choice, including its active and intelligent branding that is able to attract high interest from prospective students, such as the active role of lecturers in society, student achievement at national and international levels, the role of alumni in the world of work, and presentation of information on faculty activities to community managed by a professional PR team. Faculty of Psychology Undip has also succeeded in showing its competitiveness in this modern era. With the vision of becoming a center for development of Indonesian family-based psychology that is adaptive to the changing times in Southeast Asia in 2025, Faculty of Psychology Undip always supports Undip to become an excellent research university.
In general, psychology is the study of human behavior, and academic skills taught at Faculty of Psychology Undip include basic psychology mastery, basic psychological assessment, basic counseling and intervention, psychological research methods, and so on. Dean of Faculty of Psychology, Prof. Dian Ratna Sawitri, S.Psi., M.Sc., Ph.D., in an interview on Wednesday (24/3) stated that learning process during this pandemic period is fully online. “The online learning method uses Ms. Teams, can be in the form of lectures, discussions, presentations, learning from instructional videos, giving assignments, and case studies. For example in the Educational Psychology course, students are given the task of making learning videos for students from various levels of education. Then in Intelligence Assessment course, students’ abilities are enriched with role play, where students study administration and scoring of psychological instruments. In Assessment and Intervention course, students are given various cases, and in Counseling Psychology course as well as Observation and Interviews, students watch learning video given by the lecturer and then complete the assignment in form of making a video,” explained Prof. Sawitri. Even though it is done online, Faculty of Psychology Undip strives for optimal learning process by using complete supporting facilities.
Having a Bachelor of Psychology and a Masters in Psychology study programs and supported by 38 lecturers and 35 educational staff, Faculty of Psychology Undip is determined to produce reliable graduates who are ready to compete in the world of work. Qualifications for Undip’s Psychology undergraduates include counselors, assessors, researchers, educators, independent entrepreneurs and creative economy, leaders, trainers/facilitators, consultants, program developers, assistant psychologists, as well as marketing and public relations practitioners. With these qualifications, graduates of Faculty of Psychology can work in central and regional government agencies, State-Owned Enterprise (BUMN), private companies, in the health sector (general hospital and psychiatric hospital), educational institutions (schools and universities) and entrepreneurs, such as opening schools or psychology bureaus.
Responding to high interest of the applicants for Psychology study program at SNMPTN 2021, Prof. Sawitri expressed her joy and gratitude to the entire academic community, especially at Faculty of Psychology Undip. “I thank the Rector and his staff for the support given, to the lecturers and educational staff for their optimal performance, students for their achievements, and also alumni who have been active in society, all of which make people trust to enroll their studies in Faculty of Psychology,” said the Dean of Faculty of Psychology.
From the high interest of 1,750 applicants and the number received by 72 people, she realized that this intense competition could cause internal anxiety for applicants. “Do not be afraid or insecure, senior high school students can explore their interests and abilities. After trying to explore various fields, invite parents to collectively seek further study information, provide input, and make choices, so that the children’s efforts will always receive full support from their parents. More complete information about Faculty of Psychology Undip can accessed through website, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube of Faculty of Psychology Diponegoro University,” she concluded.
Translated by: Titis (Humas)