SEMARANG — Times Higher Education (THE) has issued the ranking results for Asian level in early June 2021. The results put Diponegoro University (UNDIP) in 6th position in Indonesia and 401+ in Asia.

The Times Higher Education Asia University Rankings 2021 uses 13 performance indicators that are also used to carry out a global ranking by providing specially calibrated analysis to reflect the priorities of educational institutions in Asia.

The strict assessment carried out by THE made only 9 universities in Indonesia can managed to enter the rankings. By the ranking order, the universities included are University of Indonesia, Bandung Institute of Technology, Surabaya Institute of Technology, Gadjah Mada University, Bogor Agricultural University, Diponegoro University, Padjadjaran University, Telkom University and Brawijaya University. University of Indonesia is in the top position with a total score of 32.9.

UNDIP is in the 401+ position with an overall range of 12.9-21.6 and an overall calculation of 19.8. Citation 15; industrial income (transfer of knowledge to the industrial world); 43.2, international outlook (calculated based on the ratio of the number of teachers, students, foreign staff and international cooperation) 26.5; research 12.8 and teaching 24.9.

Regarding the assessment table on the Times Higher Education page, Head of Undip Ranking Office, Prof. Dr. Denny Nugroho, S.T., M.Si, said that THE refers to the order of letters (alphabet) for the same range ranking group, namely 401+ with an overall score of 12.9 -21.6. Meanwhile, if the calculation and data analysis is carried out based on the indicators such as Citation (30%), Industry income (7.5%), International outlook (7.5%), Research (30%), Teaching (25%), then Undip total score is 19.8 so that it ranks 6th nationally.

“We have done the calculations and sorted it out based on the total score. If we are not careful we can misinterpret it. Some media usually only look at the order on the website to see the ranking order,” said Prof Denny Nugroho, on Sunday (6/6/2021).

The current ranking results are one of the important references used by students and their families in choosing a university. The government and universities also use THE ranking results as a reference for various policies. The high interest for ranking results is evidenced by the high number of visits to the THE World University Rankings website, where in a year the number of visits reaches almost 30 million.

Undip Rector, Prof. Dr. Yos Johan Utama, S.H., M.Hum., emphasized that the university he currently leads continues to make improvements so that graduate qualifications and the learning process are getting better and in accordance with the goals outlined. “We continue to encourage the qualifications of lecturers with program of ‘one professor one candidate’. For research, not only lecturers and researchers who continue to produce reputable scientific works, but we also encourage and facilitate students so that they can produce innovative works that are beneficial to the community,” said Prof. Yos Johan.

University performance is important in preparing superior human resources, as well as developing knowledge. As an illustration of how important it is to strengthen higher education institutions, the Japanese government announced plans to increase the allocation of an endowment fund of £70 billion for research at universities in response to the rising performance of public universities’ rankings which had fallen in recent years.

Based on THE Asia University Rankings 2021, the list of the 10 best universities in Asia is dominated by universities from China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea. Japan’s position is shifted by China and Singapore. Tsinghua University and Peking University are in the top two followed by National University of Singapore. Another university from Singapore that managed to occupy the top 10 positions, which is in fifth place, is Nanyang Technological University. Japan only managed to rank 6th occupied by University of Tokyo and Kyoto University at 10th rank. South Korea is ranked 9th by the achievement of Seoul National University.

The rating agency THE, which was established in 2004, is a rating agency that evaluates the performance of universities in various countries which conducts assessment on researches. THE assesses 13 performance indicators include four main missions of higher education, namely teaching, research, transfer of knowledge to the wider community and international engagement. This year, Undip manages to achieve a fairly high score in citations and research. (Dhany and PR team)

Translated by: Titis (Public Relations)

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