Elmira Riky Ramadanti, a student of Student Community Service Team II of Diponegoro University located in Gedawang Village, Banyumanik District, Semarang has carried out work programs including Socialization of Misinformation and Disinformation Regarding the Covid-19 News. The background of this program is the news hoaxes keep appearing in such a way to make people believe to the fake news. The public must be aware of fake news and must not be easy to believe news that is not necessarily true. The work programs that had been done are making posters about Implementation of Health Protocols program (Protokol Kesehatan 5M), participating in vaccination activities for residents of Gedawang and Pudak Payung villages and distributing Covid-19 kits to residents which contain of masks, hand sanitizers and non-medical cloth masks.

Another program is inviting the community to process cow manure into organic compost. The lack of education both theoretically and practically by farmers in Thematic Village of Gedawang Village regarding the benefits, functions and uses of cow manure made the farmers prefer to throw manure into drains. That is something that should no longer done as a habit by farmers. Until now, cow manure has not been utilized optimally. With the implementation of this program, the farmers are expected to be able to take advantage of organic farming system that can increase the income of farmers, reduce all forms of pollution and create new opportunities and innovations in maintaining harmony in Thematic Village. This program is also hoped to encourage and improve the process of processing cow manure in the livestock business system by activating micro-organisms, flora and fauna. (Linda – Public Relations)

Translated by: Titis – Public Relations