SEMARANG- Central Java (1/11). Literature Postgraduate Study Program of Faculty of Humanities, Diponegoro University (Undip) claimed to have strength which is not possessed by other study programs, namely its ability to produce qualified graduates of scholars as well as writers. This happened because the Undip Literature Postgraduate Study Program provided activities to hone the talents of its students.

Head of Literature Postgraduate Study Program of Faculty of Humanities, Dr. M. Suryadi, M.Hum, emphasized that the provision of soft skills is one of the important things to be developed. “By improving their abilities, many students of the Masters in Literature have produced a number of literary works such as novels, poems, short stories and other literary works,” he explained, while giving a speech at the Soft Skill Training for Masters in Literature.

According to him, Undip Literature Postgraduate Study Program is not only producing scholars, but it produces graduates who have a plus point as writers. They are able to produce literary works with a background of qualified knowledge. This is one of the characteristics of the graduates of Undip Masters in Literature.

By honing soft skills to the maximum capacity, Undip’s literature students not only excel in theory, but also excel in creative writing. This program is believed to be in harmony and in line with the Free Learning – Independent Campus Program. “This is what makes it different from other Literature students,” said Suryadi, on Monday (1/11/2021).

According to him, to hone students’ abilities or talents, his party conducts regular training. This time, Faculty of Humanities Undip presented a number of experts in the field of literature. “We try to improve the writing skills of students by carrying out writing training, so that the knowledge can be implemented by students in producing literary works,” he explained.

In addition to conducting training, collaborations with Literature Study Programs of other universities are also carried out. This collaboration will support each other in development in the education field, including research, community service and literary development in the country.

The Dean of Faculty of Humanities Undip, Dr. Nurhayati, M.Hum., in her speech hoped that students will benefit a lot from this general lecture. “I hope the students can implement the knowledge from this training into their literary works. Therefore, make good use of this opportunity. With the provisions of the experts presented, you will pour new insight into your work,” said Dr. Nurhayati.

In the training which was packaged as a public lecture on Wednesday (27/10/2021) presented expert speakers namely Dr. M. Yoesoef, M. Hum. (University of Indonesia) who raised the theme of creative drama writing; Drs. Yosep Bb Margono S., M.Sc., M.A., Ph.D. (17 August 1945 University) who discussed creative writing materials for essays and short stories; and Dr. Moh. Kanzunnudin, M.Pd. (Muria Kudus University) with materials of cultural creative writing.

Dr. M. Yoesoef in his presentation explained that the creative process in writing is supported by a number of factors, including the writer’s experience. For example, the writer of dharma literature is also influenced by his experience in theatre. On the one hand, the creative process in writing is also influenced by the knowledge of the materials made in the drama performances.

The creative work of a person in producing literary works must pass through a number of stages. Among them, there are steps needed to be done, namely literature studies, pondering ideas, creative processes, further literature studies, revisions, joint reading trials, followed by further revisions, as well as the process of practicing and revising again. (PR team)

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