Diponegoro University (Undip) received a visit from IDP and the Australian National University (ANU) on Monday, August 8, 2022 at 13:00 – 15:00 WIB at the Quality Hall of the Widya Puraya Building, Undip Tembalang. This visit was carried out to establish cooperation between two higher education institutions, Undip and ANU, where ANU will hold presentations and question and answer sessions regarding the choice of study programs and the registration process at ANU offered to Undip students to continue their studies abroad.

Director of Academics, Student Affairs, and Alumni Undip, Hanifa Maher Denny, S.KM., MPH., Ph.D. officially opened this event. “Currently the invitations are still limited because it is in accordance with health protocols, hopefully in the future we can invite more audiences. Thank you to all who have joined, you may share useful information from this event to your friends so that it opens opportunities for those who want to study abroad,” said Hanifa.

The event began with an introduction and brief discussion from the Undip International Office (IO), represented by Anggun Puspitarini Siswanto, S.T., Ph.D as the Head of the IO Undip. To the students who participated in this event, Anggun introduced IO Undip as the door for Undip’s international activities so that all information related to international affairs at Undip could be directly asked to IO Undip. In addition to taking care of in-bound and out-bound students, IO Undip also provides the latest information on opportunities to study abroad which can be accessed through the official IO Undip website and Instagram. “For credit conversion, it varies depending on the policy of each university, it can be adjusted to the needs of each person who wants to register which is the most appropriate,” she said.

The presentation by ANU was delivered by Firman Prayogo, Senior Partnership Officer of ANU in Indonesia. A review of ANU and Australia is described to start the presentation, where Firman mentioned the city of Canberra where ANU is located, a city that is very relevant for education because of the diversity and multiculturalism in it. Located about an hour from Sydney and Melbourne, it also attracts students who want to study at ANU as well as to explore.

ANU is a research university and 87% of its academic workforce has a PhD. Favorite study programs include Business&Economics, Engineering, Science, Law, Asia&Pacific, and Health. There are S1 (Undergraduate programs), S2 (Postgraduate programs) and S3 (Higher Degree by Research: PhD & PostDoc) study programs.

The master program is divided into two options, namely Master by Coursework (full time for 1-2 years) and Master by Research (full time 2 years accompanied by a research supervisor). For those who want to continue their master and doctoral studies, it is advisable to take a Master by Research, because according to the Australian curriculum, if you take Master by Coursework, you cannot directly continue your doctoral studies.

Requirements to register at ANU include coming from an accredited university A or B, minimum GPA of 3.00, getting an IELTS score of 6.5. The cost of study varies according to the path taken, using personal fees or scholarships. ANU also cooperates with the government so that students who register for LPDP have the opportunity to study at ANU.

The event continued with a discussion session with questions and answers from the participants to the speakers, including the guidance quota for Master by Research, the registration process, registration fees, credit conversion and so on. For Undip students who are interested in this program, further information can be discussed with IO Undip whose office is in the Widya Puraya Building, Undip Tembalang. (Titis – Public Relations)