“I am grateful because at Diponegoro University I can meet people who have a high enthusiasm for learning, curiosity that never stops, and educators who provide a lot of knowledge. Besides that, I was still given the opportunity to study at a pesantren as well. For me all the processes that I went through were something I will always be grateful for as a parts of experience in the rest of my life, although managing the time requires maximum effort,” said Apriyani Nurul Hidayah, a student of the Department of Agroecotechnology, Faculty of Animal and Agricultural Sciences of Diponegoro University and a receiver of Karya Salemba Empat (KSE) scholarship.

Apart from being a KSE scholarship student, studying at a pesantren, and doing research, Apriyani is currently doing an internship at SEAMEO Biotrop, Bogor. Meanwhile, one of the competitions she has participated in is to become a participant in the Technology Implementation For Indonesia event whose participants are KSE scholarship recipients throughout Indonesia (2022).

“The event was held in Bogor for 10 days, I collaborated with Ariya Permana Putra from the Electrical Engineering study program. We designed technology and implemented it to society. Last August, I along with 2 colleagues won 3rd place in the Community Innovation Creation (Krenova) competition held by the Semarang city government. In both events, we brought the same idea, namely ‘Slow Maturation Box: Fruit Ripening Delay Tool using Potassium Permanganate Oxidizer (KMnO4) through the TCS3200 Sensor Detection System’. We have handed over the tool to the KSE IPB association as the host for the 2022 TFI event.”

“Life is a choice, what you want to achieve and the goals are different. Education and organization are important, but what I want to achieve do not have to be a measure for other people. Maybe here I put more emphasis on priorities and goals because actually the organization is a place to grow. For example, when we feel that our public speaking is lacking, please look for a place to develop it. But if we feel that our standard skills have been met, we can choose not to join the organization. This is more to our needs, because it will have an impact on the priority scale. For example, when we realize that to be accepted for a job with a higher position, we must have a minimum of 2 years of work experience, so please join internships in various companies during college,” she said. (Lin – Public Relations)

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