Semarang – Central Java (7/11). As part of obligations of the Tri Darma of Higher Education, community service is one of the duties besides education and research. The Faculty of Psychology, Diponegoro University, held community service activities at the Posyandu Lansia Tresna Asih, Kramas Village, Tembalang District, Semarang City some time ago.

The community service activity this time is entitled “Gratitude, Health and Happiness”. This activity aims to increase a sense of gratitude and health in order to help the Adiyuswa in achieving prosperity in their old age. Implementation of community service activities in the form of brain gymnastic training and gratitude lectures presented by the Community Service Activity Team, Faculty of Psychology, Diponegoro University.

Team Leader, Dr. Dinie Ratri Desiningrum, S.Psi, M.Si explained that individuals who have entered the age of 60, they must adapt to various changes both physical, mental and social. The changes in life that must be faced by Adiyuswa in particular have the potential to become a source of pressure in life. In order not to have the potential to have a high pressure in life, social support is needed for the Adiyuswa, including by introducing the application of the concepts of gratitude.

“To achieve happiness and prosperity, social support is needed, from family, friends and the community, including the government so that they pay more attention to Adiyuswa or elderly people,” explained Dinie.

This activity was carried out by the Community Service Team, Faculty of Psychology, Diponegoro University, consisting of Dr. Dinie Ratri Desiningrum, S.Psi, M.Si., Dr. Yeniar Indriana, M.S., Psychologist, Drs. Zaenal Abidin, M.Si., and Dra. Darosy Endah Hyoscyamnia, M.Pd., and also assisted by a team of master students namely Manik Aditya Karna, S.Psi., Imam Adhi Santoso, S.Psi. and Paulina Kurniadi, S.Psi.

The activity began with brain exercises guided by a team of lecturers, then continued with a gratitude lecture session where each lecturer presented a lecture on gratitude from several perspectives which became a brain exercise trainer. The activity ended by giving evaluation questionnaires to the Adiyuswa.

Brain exercise activities were chosen as part of the activity, because they have many benefits physically and self-ability. For example, increased body balance, better able to concentrate and maintain memory.

“The activity went well. The enthusiasm of all participants is quite good, it can be seen from the happy facial expressions when doing brain exercises and good responses by answering every question from the Community Service Team of the Faculty of Psychology Undip,” said Dinie as the Head of the Community Service Team. According to her, community service activities with the theme of gratitude and brain exercise are quite effective in improving the welfare of elderly people. Adiyuswa were enthusiastic in participating in this service program, and felt the benefits as seen from the high gratitude score through the questionnaire distributed to them.

In the future, the Community Service Team of the Faculty of Psychology Undip hopes that activities in the form of implementing brain exercises for elderly can be routinely carried out, as well as lectures on gratitude so that Adiyuswa are able to apply the concept of gratitude in everyday life. Furthermore, lectures can be held with other themes needed by Adiyuswa. (Manik Aditya)

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