“I feel that the educational curriculum at Diponegoro University is very good because it combines various learning methods such as discussions, presentations, research, and also there are many practices. The combination of these various methods can absorb information much more optimally when compared to reading materials and lectures alone. The learning environment is also very conducive. Learning resources are also quite complete. I really appreciate the Academic Writing Skill program organized by the university for new students. This information is very helpful and is often not found in other campuses,” said Nafa Aurellia Azizah, the student of the Faculty of Psychology who officially graduated at the 168th Graduation Ceremony of Diponegoro University.

“During my studies at Undip, I participated in various academic and non-academic activities. In the academic field, I joined as a research assistant with a lecturer of the Faculty of Psychology Undip. As for the non-academic field, I joined various organizations and projects both on campus, regionally, and internationally. I had participated several times in internship programs in order to improve skills in the professional field. Besides that, I also take courses and certifications that can support my competence to compete in the world of work,” continued the graduate with a GPA of 3.84.

Nafa is an awardee of XL Future Leaders, a leadership scholarship program organized by PT. XL Axiata, Tbk. In the selection process, she competed with more than 17,000 registrants to then be screened into 150 awardees. In the XLFL program, she participated in various workshops, mentoring, volunteering projects, and a final project in the form of IoT Innovation.

“Knowledge can be found anywhere. Never be satisfied with just the learning you get in class, especially with the rapid development of information, technology, and the environment. The curriculum in higher education is good, but it still needs to be added with real case skills, and this can be obtained through organizations, internships, and various other activities. Organizations are also very helpful in developing soft skills, such as adaptability, problem solving, team work, time management, and communication. These skills will be needed once you graduate from university, whether you want to become an employee, entrepreneur, or academic,” she explained. (Lin – Public Relations)

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