BPSDM Held a Talk Show “Build Up Yourself” Discussing UNDIP Scholarships

Higher Education is required to be able to design and implement innovative learning processes and excellent academic services so that students can achieve optimal and relevant learning outcomes. Thus a development program is needed for Diponegoro University Employees to improve their competencies. One of the competency development programs for Undip Employees is through the education path, namely the provision of Undip Study Assignment Scholarships.

The Human Resource Development Agency (BPSDM) held a Talk Show entitled “Build Up Yourself” (Discussion on Scholarships at Diponegoro University) on Wednesday, November 16, 2022 at the 4th Floor of Entrepreneurship Building, Faculty of Economics and Business, Undip Tembalang Semarang.

This activity presented several speakers, namely Ima Wijayanti, S.Pi., M.Si., Ph.D., Dr. Arnis Rochma Harani, S.T., M.T., and Titik Istirokhatun, S.T., M.Sc., Ph.D. The three speakers were Undip scholarship recipients, Dr. Arnis Rochma Harani (Lecturer of Architectural Engineering at Undip) graduated from the Doctoral program at the University of Indonesia; Ima Wijayanti, Ph.D (Lecturer at FPIK Undip) graduated from the Doctoral program at Prince of Songkla University; and Titik Istirokhatun, Ph.D (Lecturer of Environmental Engineering at Undip) graduated from the Doctoral program Kobe University.

Mochamad Arief Budihardjo, S.T., M.Eng.Sc, Env.Eng, Ph.D. as the Head of BPSDM Undip conveyed that the purpose of holding the talk show was to socialize the Undip Study Assignment Scholarship program, increase the enthusiasm and motivation of Undip Permanent Employees to improve their competence through further study, and provide an overview of the Study Assignment experiences by alumni recipients of scholarships, both domestic and foreign. Through this activity, it is hoped that information regarding the availability of Undip scholarships and their advantages and benefits can be spread to Undip Permanent Employees so that each Undip permanent employee can take advantage of the opportunities that exist.

Deputy Head of BPSDM Undip, Henny Juliani, S.H., M.H. added that Undip will continue to improve services in the education sector which of course will be balanced with increased competence.

“This scholarship has an important role in increasing competence so that Undip provides opportunities for lecturers and education staff with permanent employee status to further study with scholarships,” she said. (Lin – Public Relations)

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